Top 20 Best Selling Camp Kitchen Freeze-Dried Food (2020)

15-Pc. Emergency Survival Fishing Kit. Fits any Bug-Out / survival bag. Play it safe. Catch fish for a survival meal. Kit has: 2 fishing lures; 1 fly; 2 bobbers; Simulated salmon eggs bait; Leader; Weights; 6 hooks (2 ea. of 3 sizes); 50' of 12-lb. line; ... more info

In today's world of financial instability, food shortages, possible inflation and rising commodity prices Long Term Food Storage must be considered by any prudent individual or family. Mylar bags, when combined with 2000cc oxygen absorbers and 5-6 gallon ... more info

Even if you haven't witnessed a disaster firsthand, you've seen the devastation they cause and you know that you can never be too prepared. If you are out on the water; preparation is even more important. Safe drinking water is probably the most important ... more info

Enjoy your ice cream just as the Astronauts do- the freeze-dried way!Originally developed for the early Apollo missions, freeze dried ice cream is frozen to -40 degrees F and then vacuum dried and placed in a special foil pouch. This food item is great t ... more info

Nature鈥檚 All Foods is an Organic and Fair Trade freeze鈥揹ried fruits and veggies line that offers an abundance of healthful goodness in each serving. Crunchy and oh-so-sweet freeze-dried fruits and veggies maintain all of their vital nutrients and vibrant ... more info

SPECIFICATIONS of the Macaroni and Cheese by Mountain House Weight: 6.8 oz Prepared Serving Size: 10 oz Shipping Weight: 0.61 pounds Servings: 2 Allergen: Does/May contain Milk: yes Wheat: yes Pkg. Net Weight: 6.81 oz Servings per Pkg: 2 Serving Size: 1/2 ... more info

MREs were designed by the US military to provide a hot nutritious meal to soldiers anywhere, anytime. Because the food is retort packaged, it stays fresh tasting without preservatives - MREs have up to a 5 year shelf life! When in the field, soldiers 'fi ... more info

The Backpacker's Pantry Pad Thai let's you enjoy the flavors of Bangkok; rice noodles with a spicy, sweet, garlic sauce, textured soy protein, vegetables and roasted peanuts. ... more info

Our jar size contains a full quart of delicate mixed bell peppers (red and green) and comes with our freshness seal. Red and green mixed sweet peppers add variety to any meal. Use them in soups, stews or other recipes or just cook and eat plain. They hold ... more info

SPECIFICATIONS of the Chicken Teriyaki With Rice by Mountain House Weight: 5.0 oz Prepared Serving Size: 10 oz Shipping Weight: 0.49 pounds Servings: 2 Allergen: Does/May contain: Soy: yes Wheat: yes Sulfites: yes Pkg. Net Weight: 4.80 oz Servings per Pkg ... more info

Our MREs are Perfect for Emergency food and field use - Our case of 12 MRE has the best entrees, desserts and condiments available. In addition to the following menu, each MRE also contains a Flameless Ration Heater, Wheat Snack Bread or MRE cracker, 6, ... more info

These MREs are genuine U.S. military issue. Each contains a full 12 meals, and every meal includes a flameless ration heater--all you need is water and a few minutes to have a hot meal. Each comes sealed in a waterproof airtight polymer bag, and includes ... more info

During long treks or expeditions off the grid, the Mountain House Noodles and Chicken provides two-and-a-half servings of comfort food and refueling nutrients to keep your mind and body sharp. Since this freeze-dried meal only weighs 4. 73 ounces, you don ... more info

Funkyfoodshop is the #1 seller of space food on the Internet and this is our bestselling item: Astronaut Ice Cream. You receive 12 Neapolitan (Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate) ready-to-eat freeze-dried bars. This is the kind you find at science museums ... more info

Outdoor enthusiasts have made Mountain House freeze-dried food their first choice for 40 years. Why? Because Mountain House tastes better than other brands! All you have to do is add water to create a tastes-like-home meal. Seven-year shelf life makes th ... more info

The Louisiana Red Beans and Rice by Backpacker's Pantry. Red beans and rice mixed with Creole sauce makes this entree a high carbo power meal. A true Cajun feast! SPECIFICATIONS of the Louisiana Red Beans and Rice by Backpacker's Pantry Makes Two 13oz ser ... more info

An essential addition to your backpack for your next camping trip! In addition, freeze-dried meals are perfect to keep for your home disaster/emergency survival kit, due to their long shelf life. Freeze dried, scrambled-egg mix, flavored with real bacon. ... more info

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