Top 20 Best Selling Calorimeters Meters (2022)

The HI 729 is portable meter for Low Range Fluoride and is ideal for Water Quality. Fluoride is one of the very few chemicals that have been shown to cause significant effects in people through drinking-water. Fluoride has beneficial effects on teeth at l ... more info

EISCO calorimeter set is used for measuring amounts of heat, and is made of polished copper for thermal conductivity. Copper is both ductile and malleable, conducts heat and electricity well, is resistant to corrosion, and tarnishes easily to form a prote ... more info

Aluminum Construction, consists of a inner calorimeter 2.85 inch(72mm) ht x 2.39 inch(61mm) dia. and an outer vessel 4 inch(100mm) ht x 4.125 inch(115mm) dia. The two are separated by a molded styrofoam insulated separator. The outer vessel has a transpar ... more info

EISCO Premium Double Wall Calorimeter, 150mL Capacity(1) CalorimeterSuperior quality double wall calorimeter with easily removable spring heating element unit. Operates on 3-6 Volts DC and approx. 5 watt. It consists of inner aluminium reservoir 150 ml ca ... more info

The compact SMART3 Colorimeter is ideal for water analysis in the field or in the lab. Easy to use software allows the analyst to choose a test factor from over 75 preprogrammed calibrations for LaMotte reagent systems. The reacted sample is always scanne ... more info

Superior quality double wall calorimeter with easily removable spring heating element. Operates on 3-6V DC at approximately 5 watts. It consists of an inner aluminum 150mL resevoir, aluminum outer, plastic insulator ring, and styrofoam lining to minimize ... more info

Quickly and easily measure the calories in solid foods with this unique device. Pin the food on the stand under a flask of water and measure the temperature change of the water as the food burns. Then calculate the heat evolved per gram of food burned, co ... more info

The ASTM Thermometers listed are made in accordance with specifications of the American Society for Testing and Material. Strict manufacturing procedures and quality controls insure full compliance to ASTM E-1. These instruments are made from annealed gla ... more info

Consists of an inner aluminum vessel 75 x 50 mm, Height x Diameter, and an outer aluminum vessel 100 x 75 mm, Height x Diameter, with a bakelite cover with two terminals, which are cross-drilled at their lower ends and are fitted with a heating coil, the ... more info

Ajax Scientific double wall calorimeter. For determining specific heat, heat of fusion and heat of vaporization consists of two polished spun aluminum vessels, I. E. Calorimeter inner measures 65-millimeters depth by 80-millimeters height and outer measur ... more info

Water Quality Meter, Electric Conductivity Range 0 to 1999 uS, Display LCD, Auto Power Off, Calibration Automatic, Includes Batteries and Instructions ... more info

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