Top 20 Best Selling Cajons Hand Percussion (2021)

The MEINL Headliner Series Cajons deliver the classic cajon sound at an affordable price and can be used in Flamenco or World Music. They are also very useful during unplugged gigs for delivering the rhythmic foundation for a whole band when a full drum s ... more info

Gibraltar's Cajon pedal turns your Cajon into an acoustic bass drum. It's great for lower volume playing situations where a standard drum set bass drum is too loud. This pedal is perfect for drum set players; it allows you to play traditionally with your ... more info

The actual assembly of the cajon is very easy; an enclosed instruction manual will guide you through this fun project step by step. At the end, the finish of the cajon can be customized by adding oil, lacquer, wax or paint which will provide a totally uni ... more info

First Class Cajon (front) Product Description Measuring 17.5” tall and 11.5” wide and deep, the First Class Cajon is an affordably priced superbly crafted instrument, but packed with professional features. The blended Asiatic Hardwood body is finished ... more info

Pearl's PCJ629 Jingle Cajon gives you four different sounds in one classic Cajon. This box Cajon's fiberglass body provides reliable strength, while the onboard snare and jingle system sounds like two percussion players playing at once. ... more info

Introducing the new MEINL Mini-Cajon! With all the features of a full size Cajon, the Mini-Cajon is fun to play and will look great on your desk or coffee table with an Almond Birch body and Natural Birch front plate. The Mini-Cajons from Meinl Percussion ... more info

The MEINL Headliner Series Cajons deliver the classic cajon sound at an affordable price. The sound is designed to be used in Flamenco or World Music, from which the cajon originates. They are also very useful during unplugged gigs for delivering the rhy ... more info

Handcrafted in Spain, the Duende Percussion Classic Cajon is a semi-professional cajon with boutique looks and quality sound. The Duende Percussion Classic Cajon offers a dry tone with a mid-range pitch. This cajon is an excellent option for any demanding ... more info

PBCW-100 Cajon Wood Block attaches with 3M Dual-Lock strips. Prized Shore wood construction. PCB-DL Dual Lock Tape is used for the Cajon Clave Block and Cajon Wood Block. ... more info

The MEINL Cajon Pad provides an added layer of comfort while playing your cajon. Not only does the cushioning feel great to sit on, it steadies you by acting as a slip free surface. The pad also features an eye catching logo, and the size fits all Meinl ... more info

Cajons are one of the most popular percussion instruments today. Meinl offers two different assembly sets in their ultimate cajon selection for you to build your own! The MEINL Make Your Own Cajon kit featuring an Ovangkol Wood front plate accompanies a s ... more info

Craftsmanship and playability is delivered with this wood cajon. Experience more attack with and an overall brighter tone with Sawtooth's Birch Cajon (ST-CJ120B). Adjust the snare tension to achieve your desired sound. Perfect for beginners, drummers l ... more info

ChromaCast delivers a Cajon pedal with real feel and performance. Designed by drummers, this pedal gives you the tension, quickness and feel that drummers look for in a foot pedal system. Now you can turn your Cajon in to a bass drum, making it the perfec ... more info

The MEINL Professional Bongo Cajon can be played like a bongo, between the legs, or on one’s lap. ... more info

These Meinl snare cajons feature a fully adjustable internal set of snare wires that brush against the inside of the playing surface to deliver a crisp snare effect when playing. This can be very useful in achieving a musical sound that enhances bass note ... more info

The birch construction of this Headliner Cajon from Meinl Percussion offers superior and crisp tone. This cajon also features adjustable corners, internal snare wires and a matte finish. ... more info

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