Top 20 Best Selling Cables & Chains Padlocks & Hasps (2021)

The Master Lock 8143D compact cable lock is a perfect solution for protecting your bicycle, ATV or other valuables against theft. And conveniently it comes with one handy solution, combination locking mechanisms for keyless convenience. The protective coa ... more info

The ultimate security solution for tree stands, ATVs, car top racks and more. Cut resistant 6-foot (1.8m) by 5/16-inch (8mm) braided steel cable adjusts to any position from 6 to 6-Feet (15-Centimeter-1.8-Meter). Durable ABS bumper with scratch resistant ... more info

Master Lock 8417D Python adjustable locking 6-foot cable is scratch resistant. It is also compact for portability. Use this locking cable to secure your bike, trailer or those large items that need to be secured. ... more info

Master Lock 72DPF heavy duty cables have braided steel wires for strength and flexibility. The convenient loops offer rust-resistant sleeves and scratch guards. For use with Master Lock padlocks. 15-foot (4.6m) long x 3/8-inch (10mm) diameter. ... more info

The Master Lock heavy duty cable is 6 feet, 3/8-inch diameter cable. Braided steel wire provides strength and flexibility. Convenient loops have rust-resistant sleeves and scratch guards. The galvanized steel cable resists rusting and the smoke vinyl coat ... more info

Master Lock 4605D is a 3-foot (90cm) retractable cable lock. Set your own 3 digit combination. Push button cable retraction for a tight fit around any object. Vinyl coated cable to prevent scratching. Assorted colors of Red, Blue, Green or Clear. Color ... more info

When tough isn't enough. Admit it. The world is getting smarter, including thieves. Fight back with the Street Cuff. Without a fixed anchor point for leverage and virtually no space for jacks, there just isn't an easy way to defeat these cuffs. For added ... more info

5-foot Cable With combination barrel lock. Resettable, set your own combination, 3/8-inch cable diameter. Ideal for ladders, generators, tool boxes and gates. Woven steel wires for strength and flexibility. Vinyl coating helps prevent scratching. Is weath ... more info

KRYPTONITE FLEX STEEL CABLE This double loop cable is designed for use in medium to high risk locations. 30' x 3/8 (914cm x 10mm) braided steel cable for increased cut resistance. Double loop design allows cinching for more useable length. Protective ... more info

Master Lock 4603D retractable cable lock in red, blue, green, or clear. Color selected at the time of shipment, customer is unable to specifiy color. Set your own combination for personalization and easy recall. Cable recoils easily with push button mech ... more info

Black steel double locking leg cuffs. 18 chain and larger diameter to fit ankles. Expands from 2-3/8 x 2-1/2 to 3-5/8 x 2-5/8. ... more info

Contractor's ultimate security solution for ladders, tool boxes, ATV's and more. Patented locking mechanism holds the cable tight at any length from 6-inch (15-Centimeter) to 6-feet (1.8-Meter). Cable end threads through places other cables cannot. Vinyl ... more info

Trimax TDL815 The TDL815 is a multi-use Quadra Braid TRIMAFLEX cable (8 feet long x 15mm diameter) for maximum protection and security. For maximum protection use the TDL815 with TRIMAX disc locks and U-locks such as the MAX60 and the MAX40. The TDL815 is ... more info

KRYPTONITE COMBINATION BARREL CABLE LOCKS Resettable Brand:KRYPTONITE Combination lock sets and resets quickly and easily. 5' x 3/8 diameter cable. Resettablelexible vinyl coated steel cable with a tough integrated 4-digit resettable combination lock. ... more info

Flexible vinyl coated steel cable with a tough integrated key lock and 2 coded keys. Weather resistant cylinder. 5' x 1/2 diameter cable. ... more info

The world's first fully adjustable locking cable lock. Python adjustable locking cable secures anything within its grasp. It's the only locking cable that is always the right length for your application. This exclusive, patented product holds the flexible ... more info

Whether for home, farm, builder or industrial customers, National has all the right hardware in the sizes and finishes you need. With over a century of service National is committed to maintaining the highest level of product quality, innovation and manuf ... more info

SCHLAGE LOCK FLEX STEEL CABLE Braided steel vinyl coated cable with extra long oversized swages. Double loop design allows cinching for more usable length and more flexible lock-up options with Kryptonite padlock or any padlock. 3/8 diameter cable FLE ... more info

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