Top 20 Best Selling By Region Africa Magazines (2021)

KMT: A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt is an English-language periodical devoted exclusively to articles on the culture, history, personalities, arts, and monuments of ancient Egypt. It also offers features on archaeology, past and present, and archival a ... more info

Diverse and lively information in tune with those men and women who wish Africa to change. ... more info

Articles on military history, particularly that of South Africa. Includes philosophical aspect of the military. ... more info

Covers African studies. Areas include bibliography, documentation and research in progress; archives, library studies, historical sources, news and reports of conferences, meetings and seminars are included as well. ... more info

Southern Africa's information magazine combines background information from sources in the region and around the global network along with analysis to give a clear, fact-based presentation of the politcal, economic, social and cultural developments in sou ... more info

This publication of the Swiss-based Afrika-Kommitee seeks to further the goals of the organization in its opposition to colonialism, racism, and exploitation. This regular monthly engages the themes of the global North-South relationship, cultural exchang ... more info

Published by the Mozambique News Agency AIM Reports covers news in the region including health, agriculture, politics, culture, immigration, and natural resource issues. ... more info

Covers modern and contemporary history of Maghreb. ... more info

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