Top 20 Best Selling Buttons & Snaps Fasteners (2019)

Quick and easy to use-simply load a fastener, hold and push. Attaches buttons and more in only seconds. No sewing necessary. Works on most fabrics. Great for the home, office, school, and travel. Easier than threading a needle. Washer, dryer, dry cleaning ... more info

With Darice's Design a Button, It's a snap to be original with this small design-a-button value pack! Simply pop apart the pieces, color the insert, and pop back into place to create your own personalized button. Finished buttons are 2.5 inches in diamete ... more info

Oodles of buttons for every crafter's treasure chest. Favorite Findings Big Bags of Buttons are a colorful assortment of sizes and shapes to add a special touch to all of your projects. Stack 'em, sew 'em, or glue 'em; they add a personal touch that is a ... more info

Singer Jean Buttons Kit is a simple tool for adding decorative accents and strong buttons to garments. The tool attaches strong buttons for jeans and other heavy weight fabrics. The kit includes one tool and 8 sets of metal decorative buttons. ... more info

Design A Button Kit. Design a button of your very own! A clear disk with an attached pin on the back. Use for business, school, clubs, meetings, hobbies, gifts and more. Embellish or put yo ur favorite picture inside. The 3-5/8 frame is reusable: change t ... more info

3 Ct. Attaches to shirt button and expands collar one-half size. ... more info

Perfect for small hands! Extra Large Buttons are great for stringing, sorting, gluing or counting. Eight primary shapes and bright colors. ... more info

Button, Button... Time was, everybody's grandmother had a button box. Today's grandmothers are too busy updating their Mugbook page to cut buttons off discarded clothing, but you can start you own collection with this bag of approx 100 buttons. Very assor ... more info

HYG5516 Make jewelry, decoupage, necklaces. Teach sorting, counting or use as game markers. Assorted sizes and colors. ... more info

Extends your trousers or skirt 1/2 or 2. Each set includes 5 different colors (black, navy, charcoal, gray, beige) Easy fit buttons give you extra room in the mid-section. If your waistband of your trousers or skirt is too tight, just attach these adjus ... more info

Bundle - 2 items: Starter Pack KAM Plastic Snap Setting Pliers & Awl Set with 100 Complete KAM Plastic Snap Sets You are purchasing the following BRAND NEW items: 1) KAM Plastic Snap Hand Plier Set with 2 Metal Setting Rods (the installed rod sets snap ... more info

BUTTONEER-Attaches buttons and more in only seconds! This is a fastener refill pack for the original Buttoneer tool. It contains 100 fasteners. Re-attach buttons tacks and hems repair items and decorate crafts. Great for the home office school and travel. ... more info

INSTRUCTIONS: push tack through from wrong side of fabric. push tack into button shank. tap with hammer to secure button. ... more info

This assortment features approximately 4 ounces of hand-dyed buttons and may include both sew through and shank type buttons. ... more info

3 Easy Fit Jean Button Waist Extenders. 3 Colors Dark Blue, GreyBlue and Blue to each package. No Sewing Add 1/2 or 2 to Your Waist. For Both Men and Women ... more info

The term 'snap' is an onomatopoeia, a 50-cent word meaning the name sounds like what the object does - and these snap fasteners do! First developed in the late 1800's as a novelty fastener, they became popular as an easier-functioning alternative to butt ... more info

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