Top 20 Best Selling Burners & Heaters Heating & Cooling Equipment (2022)

The new MS-H280 hotplate-stirrer is a very economically priced LED digital hotplate-stirrer ideal for physical-chemical analysis and biotech labs for temperatures below 280掳C. This compact unit can be used as a hotplate, stirrer or combination. ... more info

These mantle are for INDOOR Gas Lights. Preformed mantle for Mr. Heater, Humphrey, Paulin and Falks Indoor gas lights running on natural gas or LPG. Ceramic Ring Size #8. For indoor gas lights installed in RV, Campers, Log Cabins, lodges, cottages, sheds ... more info

The Benchmark Scientific Hotplate/Magnetic Stirrer features an exceptionally durable, chemical resistant, white ceramic work surface. The space-efficient design (8 x 9 in. footprint), makes it ideal for use on crowded bench-tops and inside bio-hoods. Adva ... more info

Neoprene Bunsen Burner Hose, 2 ft (.6m)(1) HoseThis neoprene hose connects your bunsen, tirrill or any other type of burner to a fuel source. ... more info

Lab quality gas burner with an aluminum burner mixing tube, brass flame stabilizer, and a die cast zinc alloy base. It comes equipped with a serrated inlet for 6 to 8 mm tubing. The flame stabilizer makes this a safer burner than many others out there. Ba ... more info

Premium Bunsen Burner with Flame Stabilizer and Gas Adjustment - Liquid Propane (LP)(1) Bunsen BurnerThese premium bunsen burners allow for complete control with both air mix adjustment and gas flow adjustment. The flame stabilizer makes them safer than s ... more info

This durable unit has 2 analog dials to control heating and stirring independently. Can heat and stir simultaneously if desired. Comes with all pictured accessories including 1 pc - 5 Foot Power Cord, 1 pc - Extra Fuse, 1 pc - Magnetic Stir Bar, 0.98 Inch ... more info

The new MS-H280 hotplate-stirrer kit is very economically priced and easy to use. Included is the BlueSpin LED digital hotplate-stirrer, a PT-1000 temperature probe, a mounting rod, a clamp and a clamp holder. This kit is ideal for physical-chemical analy ... more info

The Corning hotplate 6795-PC series has LED digital display of speed (rpm), or temperature, and a glass-ceramic plate surface, a microprocessor-based temperature control, a three-prong plug, and works with a 120V/60Hz power source. This hotplate is used ... more info

FLAME FAST BUNSEN BURNER Nickel plated brass burner tube 13 mm diameter with rotatable non-removable air regulator, with threaded needle valve to regulate the intensity of the flame, on stable cast iron base, baked hammertone finish, with serrated gas inl ... more info

This neoprene hose connects your bunsen, tirrill or any other type of burner to a fuel source. ... more info

Hard Inverted Gas Light Mantle. #2 Ring (Standard Size). Fits popular yard and commercial models. Non-radioactive material. ... more info

This Thermo Scientific ELED Cimarec digital hotplate requires 120V. Ideal for labs that require precise temperature stability with digital control for repetitive sample procedures. Ceramic top cleans easily and resist alkalis and acids. Seamless, reflecti ... more info

Replacement Wick. This is a new set of twelve 3/16 replacement wicks for alcohol lamps. ... more info

The ETA hand2mind 18113 Single-Burner Hot Plate has a quick-heating, 5-1/2 diameter heating element, and is designed for classroom use for grade 3 and up (age 8+). The burner has a lift-up element with chrome drip pan for cleaning spills. The 1100 watt, ... more info

Table top, touch activated portable refillable butane gas burner torch. It produces a precise hot flame from the nozzle. By resting your hand on the touch-sensitive pad it ignites the flame and removing your hand extinguishes the flame. Comes with flame a ... more info

Replacement wick for the Bohning Alcohol Burner ... more info

Designed to be used with a 250ml round bottom boiling flask. This durable unit has a 2 analog dials for both temperature control and stirrer speed. Both functions can be used simultaneously if desired. All measurements are approximate. Picture is a repres ... more info

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