Top 20 Best Selling Buffing & Polishing Mounted Points Buffing & Polishing Accessories (2021)

1/8 Brass End Brush (1/8 Shank) ... more info

Flexible Cylinder Hone, Bore Dia. 1-3/4 In., Abrasive Material Silicon Carbide, 120 Grit, Coarse Grade, Overall Length 8 In., Hone Length 3 In. RestrictionsThis item has been restricted from sale in the following countries: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Sw ... more info

Dremel 953 5/8 Aluminum Oxide Wheel PointDremel 953 5/8 Aluminum Oxide Wheel Point Features: Ideal for sharpening, deburring, and general purpose grinding For use with Single-Speed MultiPro Rotary Tool #275, Two-Speed MultiPro Rotary Tool Kit #2850-02, Va ... more info

1/8 Nylon Bristle End Polishing Brush (1/8 Shank) ... more info

1/8 Stainless Steel End Brush (1/8 Shank) ... more info

7/8 Square Edge Pre-polish - The type聽G聽wheel leaves a very smooth surface on the material. Apply light pressure and use low speed. Apply heavier pressure for deeper scratches. No need to use compound to achieve satin finish. (mandrel not included) ... more info

1/2 Brass Cup Brush (1/8 Shank) ... more info

1/2 Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Cone Point (1/8 Shank) ... more info

7/8 Square Edge Silicon Carbide pre-polisher for porcelain and last step polisher on zirconia and emax. Excellent for touch-ups on laminate veneers and butt-margin. Also ideal for contact adjustments, no need to re-glaze. White hard coarse. (mandrel not i ... more info

5/8 Cone Head Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone (1/8 Shank) ... more info

Pure Aluminum Oxide cutting discs. Non contaminating and very long lasting. Fast cutting and odorless (mandrel not included) ... more info

13/32 Silicone Carbide Grinding Stone (1/8 Shank) ... more info

1/2 Cylindrical Polishing Wheel (1/8 Shank) ... more info

7/16 Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone (1/8 Shank) ... more info

1/8 Silicone Grinding Point (1/8 Shank) ... more info

Assortment of Pacific Abrasives lab polishers. Ideal for those new to Pacific Abrasives. Contains silicon carbide polishers for porcelain, precious metals and non precious metals. 5 each - SG-1S78, SG-4S78, GF-478, RC-4 10 each - G-178, NPS78 3 each - MI- ... more info

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