Top 20 Best Selling Brake Spreading Tools Brake Repair Tools (2021)

Lisle disc brake pad spreader is used for installing pads on domestic and import cars and trucks. The spreader makes changing pads an easy job. The tool compresses disc brake piston for easy pad installation. ... more info

Manufactured using high carbon steel and high quality chrome vanadium steel for strength, durability and resistance to corrosion. These tools feature ID stamping showing size and brand. ... more info

This is a universal caliper brake rewind and brake-piston compression tool set for use on most cars and light trucks. It makes replacing your front or rear brake pads a simple task. Fits: Audi, Austin, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Ford, General Motors (GM) (includes ... more info

A quick way to spread brake pads and compress disc brake pistons for pad replacement on single, double and quad piston calipers. Simultaneously compresses all four pistons on quad piston applications. Can be used while caliper is on the vehicle or hanging ... more info

Lisle Speedy brake pad spreader compresses brake pistons in seconds. Squeeze the handle and the fast acting plunger compresses disc brake pistons in seconds. Makes brake pad replacement an easy job. ... more info

The Lang Tools Brake Caliper Press works on various single, dual and quad piston calipers. It's extended reversing lever allows for easy change from spreading to retracting. The 360 degree ratchet swing allows access at any angle. It centrally distributes ... more info

Lisle brake spring tool makes removing or installing the return spring on drum brakes easy. Easy to use by turning handle to lock on spring, then expand spring to install or remove. ... more info

This brake pad spreader from Capri tools is ideal for compresses inner brake pad and resets piston for easy pad replacement. It features a large handle for sure grip and maximum applied torque. The durable, heavy construction with 2-piece design added str ... more info

Generic Brake Pad Disc Spreader聽 -Makes brake pad installation easier; -Compresses the pistons and pads into the calipers聽 -Simple one hand installation; -Durable cast construction; ... more info

Makes it easy to compress pistons back into calipers when installing new brake pads on any heavy-duty dual or single piston brake caliper Works on many vehicles such as Ford F and E series trucks and vans from 19731990Swiveling nose pieces reduce piston c ... more info

Squeeze the handle and the fast acting plunger compresses disc brake pistons in seconds. Makes brake pad replacement an easy job. ... more info

To do the job right you need the right tools! That is why JEGS has teamed up with Performance Tool to offer you a complete line of professional tools to build, maintain, and customize your ride! These high quality tools are a great addition to any shop an ... more info

This tool separates pistons in the calipers quickly and simply. Helps to push the brake caliper piston back squarely with no damage to the piston face. An essential tool for retracting the brake piston to allow insertion of new brake pads. Hard wearing ... more info

Makes it easy to remove the rear wheel cylinder retainer on GM X and J body cars. Releases the spring clip retainer that attaches the rear brake cylinder to backing plate. Meets or exceeds ANSI standards. Lifetime factory warranty ... more info

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