Top 20 Best Selling Brake Repair Tools Tools & Equipment (2021)

Lisle disc brake pad spreader is used for installing pads on domestic and import cars and trucks. The spreader makes changing pads an easy job. The tool compresses disc brake piston for easy pad installation. ... more info

Mityvac fluid evacuator requires no power to create a vacuum and pressure to evacuate and disperse most automotive liquids and chemicals. Features an external pump design for easy access. The large capacity, 8.8 liter fluid reservoir has automatic flow co ... more info

Manufactured using high carbon steel and high quality chrome vanadium steel for strength, durability and resistance to corrosion. These tools feature ID stamping showing size and brand. ... more info

Genesis Technologies Brake Bleeder Bottles Make bleeding brakes clean and easy with the cable or magnet mount bleeder bottles. Both bottles feature no spill/no leak hose storage bung and bottom tube fluid entry. The large 16 oz. holds twice the fluid as ... more info

Mityvac air operated evacuator provides a clean, fast and simple way to evacuate fluids. It features a base mounted Venturi adding stability during operation and the air and fluid-line shift off valves prevent the unit from overfilling during use. ... more info

The OTC Stinger ISO bubble flaring tool kit is designed for crack-free bubble flares on soft steel tubing used in automotive brake systems. The forged yoke is made of heat-treated steel for long life and durability and includes the flaring bar and all the ... more info

This is a universal caliper brake rewind and brake-piston compression tool set for use on most cars and light trucks. It makes replacing your front or rear brake pads a simple task. Fits: Audi, Austin, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Ford, General Motors (GM) (includes ... more info

GearWrench introduced the original patented five-degree ratcheting wrench in 1996 and quickly became a go-to brand for professional automotive technicians. The innovation didn't stop there. Year after year, the GearWrench brand continues to expand its lin ... more info

A quick way to spread brake pads and compress disc brake pistons for pad replacement on single, double and quad piston calipers. Simultaneously compresses all four pistons on quad piston applications. Can be used while caliper is on the vehicle or hanging ... more info

This master brake flaring tool kit covers single, double, and bubble type flares. Kit contains flaring bar, arbor press, adapters, tube cutter, and debarring tool - all in a hard case. ... more info

The ABN Vacuum pump kit is designed for making brake bleeding a breeze. The kit comes with an assortment of attachments, multiple tube lengths, and a reservoir to get the job done right. The simple design allows for the pump to be used for a variety of ... more info

Lisle Speedy brake pad spreader compresses brake pistons in seconds. Squeeze the handle and the fast acting plunger compresses disc brake pistons in seconds. Makes brake pad replacement an easy job. ... more info

Rubber jaw pads protect delicate parts from damage. Also works great for holding irregular shapes. Strong nitrile magnets attach to any steel vise jaw. ... more info

The Lang Tools Automatic Slack Adjuster Release Tool and Wrench is used for adjusting automatic slack adjusters. This two piece set features a fork-end tool to release the tensioner button, and a 5/16 inch double square offset reversible wrench with E-Z G ... more info

Disc brake pad installation is much easier when you're using this spreader, which fits between the new pads and expands to retract the piston. This leaves your hands free to slide the caliper over the rotor. ... more info

Offset design makes this brake bleeder wrench essential when working in confined areas. Chrome vanadium steel with fully polished chrome-plated finish. Application: Brake bleeder wrench ... more info

The OTC Stinger double flaring toll is designed for double or single flare in copper, aluminum, soft steel brake line, and brass tubing (to 45 degrees). The chrome swivel is made of alloy steel which reduces friction and the forged yoke is made of heat-tr ... more info

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