Top 20 Best Selling Brake Line Tools Brake Tools (2021)

Disc brake pad installation is much easier when you're using this spreader, which fits between the new pads and expands to retract the piston. This leaves your hands free to slide the caliper over the rotor. ... more info

The Lang Tools Automatic Slack Adjuster Release Tool and Wrench is used for adjusting automatic slack adjusters. This two piece set features a fork-end tool to release the tensioner button, and a 5/16 inch double square offset reversible wrench with E-Z G ... more info

Replacement Tubing Flaring Tool Adapter for making 3/16 brake line double flares. ... more info

Set contains the most popular brake tools for servicing drum brakes on many import and domestic vehicles. Features BMC and high quality handles. Includes three different brake spoons to adjust most brake drums, five different brake spring tools that will ... more info

Safely replace brake shoes on heavy-duty tractors and trailers. Simply hook the retaining spring loop and press down against the axle. ... more info

The Better Bending Alternative - Bend brake, fuel or transmission line by hand without kinking. 180 Degree Tubing Bender featuring comfort grip handles Eastwood Brake Forming Pliers Tired of wasting time and money? Eastwood ends your frustration with our ... more info

This Powerbuilt 3 Arm Disc Brake Cylinder Hone Tool makes it easy to hone caliper piston cylinders from 3/4-inches to 2-1/4-inches in diameter. Features a self-aligning and self-centering design, as well as a flexible shaft with adjustable tension for use ... more info

Releases tension on both large and small GM single spring brakes during servicing. Many GM brakes use a heavy single spring. This engages the spring and quickly releases the spring tension. The brake can then be disassembled to replace brake shoes, emerge ... more info

Designed for import cars with brake shoe hold-down clips. Removes and installs the brake clip and nail on brake shoes in seconds. Set tool head in the brake clip groove. Push tool to depress brake clip. Turn handle to disengage clip from nail. Reverse to ... more info

Check adjustment on both manual and automatic brake slack adjusters with this specially designed tool. ... more info

This set contains caliper adapters for a wide range of brake applications: 39301 Right Rotating (H020), 39302 Left Rotating (H020-1), 39303 Disc (H010), 39304 1-13/32 inches Adapter (H011), 39305 2 inches Adapter (H012), 39306 2-3/16 inches Adapter (H013) ... more info

Features: - Bends tubing up to 1/4 (6.4mm) diameter to 360 degrees fast, easily, and without kinks - For copper, brass brake lines, Bundy welding tube, etc. - Durable non-corroding, chemically polished zine die casting ... more info

This tool set is a must when your installing brake pads on vehicles with 4-wheel disc brakes. Works on most GM vehicles with 1-1/2 brake pistons, most Ford vehicles, Pontiac Fiero, and import vehicles. This set is very easy to use and handy to have. ... more info

Powerbuilt rear disc brake caliper tool adapter to make the job easier. ... more info

With this service kit there is no need to remove the bearing hub assembly just to replace the pins and bushings on 16-1/2 S-Cam trailer and tractor Q brake systems. Much less complicated and time consuming! Special tooling and our C-frame press get you pa ... more info

This “cube” tool rotates pistons back into brake calipers when replacing brake pads on vehicles with rear wheel disc brakes. Tool has 3/8 square drive, provides six drive pin configurations to fit most cars and light trucks. This updated version fits more ... more info

OEM Cylinder Hone Replacement Stone Set contains three (3) 4-inch stones. Medium grit (220). Fits OEM Adjustable Engine Cylinder Hone model 25041 and most other major brands. ... more info

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