Top 20 Best Selling Brake Gauges Measuring Tools (2021)

Sure Stop brake pressure gauge Kit is a great service tool that tells you how much pressure you are getting at each caliper. Includes adapters to 6 common fittings: 5/16 inch - 24; 3/8 inch - 24; 7mm - 1.00; 8mm - 1.25; 10mm - 1.00; 10mm - 1.50. ... more info

Professional Grade Electronic Brake Rotor Gage Super large display in INCH/METRIC/FRACTIONS in a compact setup. Measures brake rotors. 2.5/63mm length 3-1/2 throat depth. Features: Range: 0-2.5 3.5 jaw depth for larger rotors Reads in INCH / METRIC / FRAC ... more info

iGaging, the professionals choice Brake Rotor Gauge Wheels OniGaging Wheel on Rotor Gauge measures the rotor without removing the wheel.Features:Measure the rotor without removing the wheel Provides easy access between dust shield and rotor.Inch / Metric ... more info

TOOGOO is a registered trademark. ONLY Authorized seller of TOOGOO can sell under TOOGOO listings. TOOGOO(R) Stainless Steel Luer Lock Dispensing Needle Tip, 12 Gauge, 2.05mm ID x 2.8mm OD, 1 Length (Pack of 6) With fully threaded luer lock to avoid slipp ... more info

KDT3377 Features: -The diameter range is 6-1/2 to 14-1/4, calibrated into 1/32 (1mm)increments.-Sets the proper clearance between brake lines and drums.-Brake Resetting Gauge. Assembly Instructions: -The tool has a locking聽 knurled knob to keep measuremen ... more info

Protected to IP54 specifications. Beam has vernier scale to double check reading. Can be used to check some disc measurements. Other features include thumb lock and RS 232 capability. Includes wooden case. ... more info

Measures tire thread depth up to 9/16 in graduations of 1/64 Easy to read gauge Measures the amount of lining remaining on riveted and bonded drum shoes and disc brake padsConcerned about your drum shoes and disc brake pads? KD tools have made a simple ... more info

Easy to read digital display with inch / metric conversion. Selectable depth stops for easier use. Pointed anvils and 4.25 long arms to inspect drums before turning or replacing. Measure automotive and heavy duty drums. ... more info

Features and Benefits:Gauge measures brake lining remaining on bonded pads in fractions from 1/16 in. to 5/8 in. in 1/32 in. graduationsTool checks measurement without removing caliper ... more info

Longacre 44128 Composite Mini Brake Balance Panel ... more info

The Central Tools electronic digital rotor gage has an easy to read digital display with direct inch/metric conversion. It measures brake rotors and ball joints. The pointed anvil and 3.50 long arms are designed to inspect rotors before turning or replaci ... more info

KDT3774 Features: -Brake Rotor Gauge measures wear dimension of the brake rotors (Range: 0 - 6).-Zero setting any position.-Measures wear dimension of the brake rotors.-Resolution / repeatability .0005 X 0.01mm.-6'' Brake Rotor Gauge. Includes: -Metric/In ... more info

The Central Tools Wheels on Rotor Gauge measures the rotor without removing the wheel to pre qualify brake jobs. It provides easy access between dust shield and rotor. It features a digital read-out with push button inch/metric conversions. The range is 0 ... more info

Can be mounted for stationary use and features compound lever action for mechanical advantage and extended handle for maximum leverage. Has a bed lengh of 32 for shering thickness of 16 gauge.Bed Length: 32 (800mm) Shearing Thickness: 16 Gauge (1.5mm) Bla ... more info

Strange Engineering P2360 BRAKE PRESSURE TEST. ... more info

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