Top 20 Best Selling Brake Adjusting Tools Brake Repair Tools (2021)

GearWrench introduced the original patented five-degree ratcheting wrench in 1996 and quickly became a go-to brand for professional automotive technicians. The innovation didn't stop there. Year after year, the GearWrench brand continues to expand its lin ... more info

Effectively removes and replaces shoe return springs of drum brakes on domestic cars and trucks. Thin, narrow point provides straight, in-line pull on spring. Robust handle provides powerful leverage. Double-ended design. Plated steel resists corrosion. ... more info

Lisle dual piston brake caliper compressor compresses dual brake pistons simultaneously to make pad replacement a simple job. Squeeze the tool handle until the plunger contacts the inboard brake pad and continue to squeeze to compress both pistons. ... more info

Manufactured using high carbon steel and high quality chrome vanadium steel for strength, durability and resistance to corrosion. These tools feature ID stamping showing size and brand. ... more info

Material : Wire(Stainless) / Nipple(Cooper)Fitment : UniversalMeasurement : Clutch Cable 200 cm, Brake Cable 200 cmQuantity : 1 * Piece Clutch cable ,1* Piece Brake Cable, 9 clamp of nipples聽Net Weight : 50 g. ... more info

* For use with Front and Rear Disc Brake vehicles * Use on Disc Brake Front and Rear Calipers * For Rotating Rear Piston Back Into Caliper to Provide Clearance For New Pads installation. * This is required as the emergency brake in some model ... more info

The Powerbuilt Disc Brake Piston tool rotates the piston back into the cylinder bore to allow installation of new brake pads without disturbing parking brake adjustment. Designed for rear disc brakes on vehicles where an automatic adjusting parking brake ... more info

Catch bad brake fluid before it destroys calipers and other brake system components. Calibrated for DOT 4 fluid only, this tester simply and easily determines the brake fluid quality in 5 easy steps. Step 1: Remove cap from brake fluid reservoir. Step 2: ... more info

Brake service kit, is full of the key parts and pieces you need to service and maintain your winch. Designed to fit all WARN M8274 winches. ... more info

KDT41520 Features: -Kit works on both disc and drum brake systems.-Use to adjust clearance between drum brakes and shoe, remove and install shoe return springs and brake pads.-15 Piece Brake Service Kit. Includes: -Includes Drum Brake Adjusting Tool which ... more info

Brake Spring Washer Tool fits both large and small washers. Used on drum brakes, the brake shoe retaining spring is held on by a slotted washer. To remove and install, the washer must compress the spring and rotate 90 degrees to release. Reverse to insta ... more info

Works from the top to speed star wheel adjusting on 2001-2006 Ford Taurus, Windstar and Mercury Sable and other drum brakes with top mounted adjuster. Insert tool through slot in backing plate. Angled ends for easy access. ... more info

The AMPRO T71301 Carburetor Adjusting Tool adjusts idle screws on GM and Chrysler vehicles. It includes four Adaptors : 4.5 millimeters , 1/4 inch hex sockets, inch Double D inch socket and 3/32 inch hex bit. The AMPRO T71301 Carburetor Adjusting Tool has ... more info

Cal-Van Tools Brake Shoe Spreader has been designed to hold brake shoes apart when replacing the leaking rear wheel cylinders on most front wheel drive cars. It can cut time in half when replacing the leaky rear wheel cylinders. It has been patented. ... more info

Speeds star wheel adjusting. Insert tool through slot in backing plate. Different angle at each end adapts to various makes and models. ... more info

Allows technician to remove parking brake cable by compressing the spring. Supersedes part number 40800. Tool can be used when cable is still attached to parking brake assembly. Ends of tool are angled to allow easier access. Slots on each end allow tool ... more info

The 3 leg 27/32 to 2 Brake Cylinder Hone controlled pressure makes it possible to polish or hone with just one stone grit. ... more info

Flex-Hone for Rotors utilizes the patented Flex-Hone technology to produce the ideal surface finish on automotive and motorcycle disc brake rotors, automotive fly wheels and clutch plates. More rotors per hone than abrasive pads. Benefit includes: lowers ... more info

For vehicles with emergency brake cable at rear wheels. Includes drum and most rear disc brake vehicles. Separates brake cable from cable connector. Hardened steel with cushioned grips. ... more info

Features: Tool adjusts clearance between drum brake and brake shoe. It fits through a slot in the backing plate and turns the star wheel. Heads are offset for head-to-reach areas on small cars. ... more info

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