Top 20 Best Selling Boxing Punching Bag Accessories (2021)

The Everlast® double-ended heavy bag attachment offers a convenient alternative to drilling holes in your floor! The portable anchor weighs down heavy bags, while the Nevatear shell is durable enough to handle any challenge. ... more info

Perfect for the home or gym! Improve your hand eye coordination with this state of the art speed bag platform. Tremendous quality, tremendous value! Adjustable from youth to adult users! ... more info

Boxing Chain Weight: 1 lbs 2 oz heavy duty material Wood Beam Heavy Bag Hanger Weight: 13 oz heavy duty material. Maximum support weight: 150 lbs ... more info

Securely attaches to almost any I-Beam. All mounting hardware included. Adjustable from 3.5 to 5.5 ... more info

Free turning, solid steel swivel, and zinc galvanized. Recommended for bags over 80lbs. ... more info

XMark Commercial Adjustable Speed Bag Platform XM-2811 Give your hand-eye coordination and boxing training a boost with the XMark Commercial Adjustable Speed Bag Platform XM-2811. The solid design holds the commercially rated platform steady while working ... more info

Constructed of heavy-duty powder-coated tubular steel. A super versatile and sturdy bag stand that can accommodate two heavy bags up to 125 lbs. each, a heavy bag and a double end bag, or two double end bags. Easily adjusts for different users, ceiling he ... more info

Save the trouble of drilling a hole on the concrete, and having a hook sticking out of the floor, with this top quality made in USA Outslayer sand bag. Go head, use it for a double end ball or any size punching bag that has a hook on the bottom. Seams are ... more info

CA-53 Features: Made with the thought process of how a speed bag platform should work. Reinforced steel tubes that support the platform allow all of the energy to be transferred back through the platform to the speed bag while in use. Adjustable worm driv ... more info

Discover the lost art of slipping punches and being virtually unhittable with this great defensive training tool. Comes fully assembled - no filling necessary. ... more info

Easily mounts on any wood beam. Ball bearing swivel. Color - Silver. ... more info

The 7-inch heavy bag spring holds 70 lbs. and reduces shock so bag mounts last longer. ... more info

Designed specifically for martial arts workouts with training bags to practice a variety of strikes and kicks. Can hold up-to 100 lbs. ... more info

Reduce the wear and tear on your heavy bag, chains, and mounts, plus reduce the vibration transmitted up to the floors above. 8 5/8 long x 1½ diameter and 1¾ diameter at the hook loops. Double looped hooks to ensure against inadvertent disconnecting even ... more info

Create a compact yet effective place for your workout with the Century Heavy Bag and Speed Bag Platform in Black. This stand offers hangers for both a speed bag and a heavy bag and is quality crafted from 3-inch tubular steel. It can be easily stabilized ... more info

Description: Floor to ceiling HIGH quality punching speed ball. Ideal for training both at gym and at home. Help to improve speed, timing, rhythm, endurance and accuracy. ... more info

The perfect heavy bag hanger for any kind of room ... more info

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