Top 20 Best Selling Boring Drill Bits (2021)

Includes (1) 1/16-in HSS Drill Bit, (1) 5/64-in HSS Drill Bit, (1) 3/32-in HSS Drill Bit, (1) 7/64-in HSS Drill Bit, (1) 1/8-in HSS Drill Bit, (1) 9/64-in HSS Drill Bit, (1) 5/32-in HSS Drill Bit, (1) 11/64-in HSS Drill Bit, (1) 3/16-in HSS Drill Bit, (1) ... more info

Set of 30 cutting burs 1/8-Inch Shank, 2 Class Diamond Titanium Coating. Use for ceramics, tile, glass. ... more info

The DEWALT DWPVTHLD Pivoting Bit Tip Holder with Ring features a 4'' shank which allows for use in any chuck or impact driver. Rated up to 2000 in. lb. of torque for tightening, loosening, and boring applications. The head pivots up to 20 degrees for use ... more info

The hinge boring bit is specialized in opening holes in soft and hard wood; Twin scribers and centering point to give the perfect solution to repeated, clean and accurate hole cutting time after time; Should be use with power drilling machine, here is no ... more info

12-piece Machine Screw/Fractional Tap & Hex Die Set in plastic case includes: Machine Screw Plug Tap and 5/8 Hexagon Dies in sizes: 6 - 32 NC, 8 - 32 NC, 10 - 24 NC, 10 - 32 NF, 12 - 24 NC. Fractional Plug Tap and 5/8 Hexagon Dies in sizes: 1/4 - 20 NC. ... more info

5/8 x 10 x 12 Hammer Drill Bit Bosch parts keep your tools working their best for any application you can come up with, and Bosch bits are the most versatile parts of them all. Be it screwing, hammering, or drilling, Bosch has a bit for you. Features: 5/8 ... more info

Can’t fit a square peg in a round hole? Drill a new one! The Delta 17-924 Mortising Attachment attaches to your dress press and turns it into a mortising machine. Includes four popular mortising chisel and bit sets and convenient carrying case along wi ... more info

585-39108 Features: -Special 82 degree point for fast boring.-Wire hole at the tip of the bit makes it easy to pull wire through walls, ceilings, and floors.-Ideal for installation of small wire for telephones, cable, TV, computers, and security systems.- ... more info

CMT metric carbide bits are designed for hinge boring machines. They feature 2 cutting edges, 2 spiral flutes and 2 negatively ground spurs plus a screw adjustable shank length. ... more info

Make pocket holes disappear! . With our Woodtek USA®stainless steel InvisiPlug™ Pocket Hole Plug Cutter and leftover wood from your project you can make plugs with an exact match of color and grain: Heat treated stainless steel four flute cutter, 3-1/16 O ... more info

1-3/4 Heavy Duty Wood Drilling Self-Feed Bit The DeWalt 1-3/4 heavy duty wood drilling self-feed bit is an extremely durable and useful attachment. Use this to increase your drilling efficiency and decrease your work time. Superior build quality means you ... more info

#I-100, 3/4 Solid Center Auger Bit, 4-1/2 Twist Length, 7-1/2 Overall Length, Provides Extra Rigidity While Boring, Wide Lands Keep The Bit Straight As It Bores Through The Hole, The Flutes Are Ground Behind The Lands To Funnel The Chips To The Inside Of ... more info

433-30912 Features: -Patented design two cutting flutes allow for clean burr-free holes.-Cust through materials faster than standard bits.-Eliminates the problem of tip breakage on standard drill bits.-Applicable Materials: Most Metals, Stainless Steel.-C ... more info

Designed with optimized geometries that deliver 3X more life than competition. Patented web taper is 2X larger than the competition for increased strength, rigidity and breakage resistance. Patented web taper is 2X larger than the competition for increase ... more info

The Lenox 30888-VB11 Vari-Bit Step Drill Bit - 7/8 and 1-1/8 for 1/2 and 3/4 Conduit has a patented two flute design which cuts fast, clean, round holes that are accurate and burr-free. The enhanced flute design also removes chips rapidly to ensure longer ... more info

Make clean round cuts in wood, cutting safely and efficiently; The Hole Saw Set provide good strength and great wear resistance; Made of good quality metal material for sharp cutting and long lasting. ... more info

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