Top 20 Best Selling Borescopes Inspection & Analysis (2022)

- Bushnell laser boresighter- For handguns, rifles and shotguns- Includes arbors for .22 - .50 caliber firearms- Also includes arbors for 20 and 12 gauge shotguns- Easy to use- Spend less time sighting in and more time in the field!BUS740100C ... more info

Specifications: Camera: 1/6 VGA COMS Pixels: 300K Resolution: 640x480,352X288,320X240,176X144,160X120 Capture Resolution: Up to 640X480 LED: 4 White LED bright light Waterproof: IP67 Brightness: Auto Exposed control: Auto F/NO: 2.8 Camera housing diameter ... more info

Package 1. The wire cam unit x1 weight: 0.3kg 2. Color box x1 size: 17cm*15cm*5cm 3 users manual x1 4. CD x1 A new electronic health and industrial pipeline inspection product, you can use it to examination, ear detection; search and rescue, ... more info

Waterproof Level: IP*66 Camera head outer diameter: 14.5mm Total length : 5meter; Resolution : 640*480 30ftps Sensor: 1/6 CMOS Image Sensor Pixels: 300k Pixels Wide visual view angle:52° LED switch Adjustable lightness switch USB2.0 interface 4 LE ... more info

Specification: * Waterproof Level: IP*67 * Camera head outer diameter: ¦µ 14.5mm ; * Total length : 5meter(22.4feet) ; * Resolution : 640*480 30ftps * Sensor: 1/6 CMOS Image Sensor * Pixels: 300k Pixels * Wide visual view angle£º62¡ã * LED switch£ºAdjust ... more info

The Mini USB Endoscope is a handy inspection device with 10mm diameter camera head that helps you search to reach place.It's a new electronic health and industrial pipeline detection products, which can capture the image, to the computer in real time vide ... more info

Specification: 1.Resolution: 2M 2.Optics lens inside 3.Magnification: 50 times 4.Measure function 5.LED inside 6.Pixel: maximum --30 FPS 7.Interface: USB2.0 8.256MB SDRAM internal storage 9.600MB available HD space 10.Camera outer diameter: 0.6cm 11.Leng ... more info

The Portable Flexible Digital Inspection Camera with 2.4 LCD Monitor allows you to perform detailed visual inspection in hard-to-reach areas, even in total darkness or under water. The 100cm (3.3ft) flexible cable can be bent into many shapes to fit into ... more info

* Waterproof Level: IP*67 * Resolution : 640*480 30ftps * Sensor: 1/6 CMOS Image Sensor * Pixels: 300k Pixels * Wide visual view angle:62° * LED switch:Adjustable lightness switch * USB2.0 interface * 4 LEDs, the camera can catch sight in the shoot light ... more info

Features: 1. 100% Brand high quality Waterproof Borescope Endoscope. 2. 2 million pixels CMOS camera. 3. Capture snapshot image or video with 800*600£¬1024*768,1280*720£¬600*1200 resolutions. 4. It has 6 built-in LED light (with Brightness Control) on c ... more info

Technical Details: Functions as a camera cable extension, super ideal for wet and narrow environments Compatible with Wireless Inspection Camera models 8802AJ Extends camera reaching by 3-feet Has the ability to extend to 9-feet with optional extensions D ... more info

Bosch 12V Max inspection camera makes objects easier to view. The light and lens configuration assure maximum visibility, providing light diffusion that prevents hot spots and glare as well as a larger range depth of field. ... more info

Firefly DE551 is the industry's most advanced wireless digital otoscopes with image and video capture capabilities. With a wireless link and a 3 hour Lithium battery, DE551 provides complete flexibility and high precision in observing the external ear, ea ... more info

Are You a full Size Adult? Do you frequently have problems look under and around vehicles when performing repairs? Are you still looking for a tool for plumbing pipes, inside walls, etc? Here is it! get one, you'll use it! After you have it, repair can b ... more info

Features:Brand:XCSOURCE300000 pixels CMOS camera.Capture snapshot image or video in VGA format with 640*480 resolutions.It has built-in LED light (with Brightness Control) on camera head to illuminate the inspection area.The flexible camera is waterproof ... more info

This innovative new inspection tool with super-bright LED, the lightweight, handheld design helps you easily find, diagnose, and solve problems quickly!! Usage Samples: Checking for internal leaks around chimney flashing. Reading the Model number off a ... more info

Tips: The two factors decide endoscopes' price: 1.The diameter of the inspection camera. This one is 7mm diameter, the smallest one on the market , it can get into any hole,wall gap, sewer that the 10mm or bigger endoscope can't. 2.The pixel of the inspe ... more info

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