Top 20 Best Selling Boiling Stones Lab Consumables (2022)

Ultra-pure, virgin PTFE chips promote gentle, efficient boiling and help to prevent superheating, even of highly volatile liquids. Ideal for continuous extraction methods, such as EPA SW846 and EPA Method 1664 for oil and grease. Stones minimize bumping d ... more info

Treated, micro-porous, chemically inert carbon chips to eliminate completely bumping in either aqueous or non-aqueous boiling liquids. Particularly recommended for fractional distillations, evaporations, extractions, refluxings, condensations and many oth ... more info

Eliminate bumping of aqueous and nonaqueous liquids Treated microporous carbon chips for atmospheric or vacuum operations Good chemical resistance 8 oz. (227g) jar Enough chips for more than 1000 boiling operations. ... more info

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