Top 20 Best Selling Bodhrans & Frame Drums Hand Drums (2021)

Inexpensive soft carrying case for our 18 bodhran. Includes side pocket for tippers and twin zippers for easy opening and closing. Fits Bodhrans up to 5 deep. ... more info

The Bodhran is the traditional Celtic drum that provides the vital pulse of Celtic music even in modern times. The Grover-Trophy bodhran stays true to the time-honored build. It is played with a double beater that allows one hand to produce complex rhythm ... more info

The Meinl Artisan Edition Tar is an instrument like no other and is a must have for serious players. The heads are made using the highest grade hides available - selected for uniform thickness to give consistent warm tone and response. This drum features ... more info

The NINO Sea Drums have hundreds of tiny metal balls enclosed between two clear mylar heads. By holding the drum horizontally and gently rolling it, you create the sounds of the ocean surf. ... more info

Waltons' Bodhran Care Cream helps maintain goatskin bodhran heads. This conditioner prevents dryness and helps maintain head sound. Keep your bodhran in top playing condition] Regular applications of this cream will help preserve the bodhran skin keeping ... more info

Beater for frame drums made with cane, foam and imitation leather. Approximately 13 in length. Great for a nice, clean tone. ... more info

10 Hand Drum with Mallet Wood Frame, Skin Head. Frame. ... more info

The Trinity College TB-2 Bodhran is a traditional Irish/Celtic hand drum. Trinity College bodhrans are built to the traditional 18-diameter with twin crossbar support. The genuine natural white goatskin head is attached with tacks, giving the drum the tra ... more info

Rosewood tipper with a double slope at each end that looks like a Belaying Pin. Used to play the bodhran. 9 - 9.5 long x 3/8 mid-shaft x 3/4 knobs. ... more info

Walton's Classic range of standard bodhrans are handcrafted from the finest woods, with heads made from real goatskin. All bodhrans come with a carrying box and hardwood beater. ... more info

This 10 inch bodhran is beautifully crafted and comes with an intricate celtic design. The wood is lightly varnished for strength, and endurance. The skin is fastened well for the perfect sound and endurance. And the beater is weighted perfectly, produci ... more info

The kanjira (khanjira) is a very old percussion instrument that is very popular in South Indian classical performances. At one time, this small tambourine was a primary percussion instrument. Today it is a secondary percussion that is played with the mrid ... more info

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