Top 20 Best Selling Bike Tools & Maintenance Cleaners (2020)

Finish Line Speed Degreaser (Speed Clean). A super duty cleaner formulated using the very latest of two impressive advances in cleaning chemistry. Baby does this stuff melt the crap away! Strips the ugliest of stuff right off, including the toughest of b ... more info

Finish Line Super Bike Wash. “Squirt On, Hose Off”. Easy & Fast Clean Up! Super Bike Wash will quickly clean dirt, clay, road grime and chain soils off your bike with little to no scrubbing. Five different cleaning agents work together to create a hig ... more info

Finish Line DRY Lube made with Teflon® fluoropolymer. The industry’s original “dry” lubricant. Finish Line DRY Lube goes on wet, but then sets up in a dry, ‘paste-like’ film so it will not attract or absorb grit and grime. Teflon® fluoropolymer and specia ... more info

Lucas Fuel treatment complies with the federal low sulfur content requirements for use in diesel motor vehicles and non-road, locomotive and marine diesel equipment engines. A powerful blend of oils and additives that contain no solvents. Designed to incr ... more info

Park Tool Chain Brite removes the toughest grease and grime buildup from chains and components and leaves a light, protective silicone shield. Although Chain Brite is a powerful cleaner, it will not harm alloy, plastic, or painted parts. Regular use of Ch ... more info

Quickly loosens, lifts and removes dirt, grime, mud and dust from your bike! Use Wash & Shine as a 'maintenance cleaner' - simply spray onto the entire bike after the occasional dirty ride or as needed. Let soak in for just a couple of minutes and then ra ... more info

Pedro's Oranj Peelz is a heavy-duty degreaser made from citrus extracts. It's perfect for removing the toughest of grease and grime on your neglected drivetrain, but you can be sure that it's safe against the finishes on your bike. 16oz squeeze bottle. Pl ... more info

Crystal Simple Green is formulated for critical cleaning applications that demand a fragrance-free solution. It is a highly effective, concentrated, all-purpose degreaser and cleaner. Because crystal Simple Green is fragrance-free, color-free and has high ... more info

Lucas Oil Slick Mist is a polymer paint gloss intensifier, which can be used on other surfaces such as glass, chrome and vinyl decals. Use Slick Mist as a traditional wax, quick detail spray or spray it on your vehicle between rinsing and drying for the e ... more info

Lucas Deep Clean is blended with an exclusive Lucas additive package and specific carrier fluid that contains no diesel fuel, kerosene or anything else that can be harmful or useless to an engine. It also reduces nitrous exide emissions, eliminates the ne ... more info

Finish Line’s 1-Step is engineered for commuters and recreational cyclists who seek a quick one-step “clean and lube’ formulation. As 1-Step loosens and removes surface grime, it delivers a clean low friction film of lubricant. 1-Step Cleaner & Lubricant ... more info

This product is a low smoke two-cycle oil formulated from a special blend of mineral oil, polybutene and a low ash additive system. Lucas 2-Cycle Racing Oil is specially designed to prevent carbon deposits to the piston rings, skirt, crown and under crown ... more info

Developed to prevent jamming and over-heating in large machine guns and high caliber rifles. Great for recreational hand gun enthusiast. Lucas Gun Oil is designed to stand up to the high combustion temperatures of machine guns. It also totally protects ag ... more info

Combats rust and varnish and coats the working parts with a cushion of waterproof lubricants that resist blowout. 12 per case ... more info

Simple Green 24oz Trigger Non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable and biodegradable Removes grease, oil, dirt and road grime from chains, derailleurs and more Safe on bike parts and painted surfaces Foaming formula clings to vertical surfaces Trigger ... more info

Protect All's water repellent carnauba wax formula creates a durable and lustrous showroom shine on all types of automotive paints, fiberglass, aluminum, chrome, stainless steel, glass, Plexiglas and much, much more. Protect All's highly effective UV abso ... more info

An exclusive European formula with an exceptionally high boiling point and superior anti-vapor lock characteristicsSuperior braking during arduous conditions like racing and rallyingTypical wet boiling point is 270deg. CTypical dry boiling point is 310deg ... more info

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