Top 20 Best Selling Bike Pumps CO2 Pumps (2019)

The Portland Design Works Shiny Object CO2 Inflator is constructed from the ever-durable aluminum alloy. And considering that it's smaller in stature than a CO2 cartridge, there's no reason to be stranded with a flat -- that is, unless you forgot a tube. ... more info

You don't need to carry the kitchen sink with you when you ride, but you should at least have a tube and CO2 cartridges. Genuine Innovations' Air Chuck Elite is a compact CO2 inflator with a lifetime warranty to keep you rolling for the long haul. The inf ... more info

3/8 thread with24 threads per inch. Guaranteed compatible with any bike inflater that accepts threaded cartridges. Food grade for beverage use as well. ... more info

4 Pack of C02 Cartridges to blow out your mosquito magnet ... more info

Portland Design Works offers an oh-so-shiny Alloy CO2 Inflator with excellent pressure control and durability.Alloy body with control knob to regulate rate at which CO2 is released Optional stitched leather sleeve is vegetable tanned and died with natural ... more info

Works with all Genuine Innovations threaded and non-threaded CO2 cartridges (except 45 gram) and Big Air! Trigger lock prevents accidental activation. Push-on for Presta, screw-on for Schrader. Really easy to use. Simply drop the CO2 cartridge into the cu ... more info

What good is a CO2 inflator without air Genuine Innovations cylinders are the only ones guaranteed to perform with Innovations brand inflation devices ... more info

Food Grade Compatible with Mosquito Magnet Compatible with Genuine Innovations threaded CO2 ... more info

16 gram threaded co2 cartridges, pack of 12. Compatible with all bike tire inflators using 16 gram threaded cartridges, such as Genuine Innovations, Portland, Planet Bike and etc. ... more info

Getting stuck with a flat in the middle of nowhere (or in the middle of a race) is not rad. Planet Bikes Co2 3-Pack Cartridge Refills work with Planet Bike and other brands inflators so you can repair and keep on riding. The Co2 Cartridge Refills contain ... more info

A compact, all-in-one tire repair kit. It comes with the new Twin Speed Drive, two threaded 16g CO2 cartridges, Lever Kit, and a neoprene/velcro strap to hold it all together. The kit easily fits in most packs and jersey pockets. ... more info

A compact 100% CNC-machined aluminum CO2 inflator. The Trigger Valve Operation allows for easy and precisely controlled inflation. The Twin Chuck head threads directly onto both Presta and Schrader valves for secure valve engagement. Compatible with threa ... more info

Our deluxe kit offers a complete solution for all your flat tire needs. Comes with everything needed to repair & inflate multiple flat tires. After patching your damaged tube, inflation is a breeze. Built-in Trigger lock prevents accidental activation. Pu ... more info

16g CO2 threaded cartridges - aaa kitchenstuff is directly affiliated with the largest factory-direct importing company in the world of single-use compressed gas cartridges. Most of our products are for the food-preparation industry (i.e. whip cream char ... more info

Air power for your paintball gun or airsoft pistol. You can never have enough of these for a days play. This will last you and your friends the whole weekend. Save a bunch with Bulk Packs at Zephyr Note: Because CO2 Cartridges are under pressure, they ar ... more info

You never want to go out on a ride without a way to inflate a flat tire. But, you don't always want to carry a frame pump or anything cumbersome in your pockets. For those days, Crank Brother's CO2 Inflator is the prefect accessory. The Inflator features ... more info

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