Top 20 Best Selling Battery Packs Flash Accessories (2021)

***Product specification*** [Capacity] 3.7V 10400mAh, Li-ion battery [Input] 5V / 1A Micro USB [Output] USB1: 5V/1A, USB2: 5V/2.1A [Additional functions] Battery level indicator ( 5 LED lamps ) [Dimensions] 2.9 × 0.9 × 4.6 inches (74mm×23mm×117mm) ... more info

Weight: 40.80 g Dimensions: 1.97 io x 0.55 ( 5.00 cm x 1.40 cm) Model 14500 Capacity (mAh) 900 Voltage: 3.6V (fully charged 3.9V) Capacity (manufacturer claimed): 900mAh - Ideal upgraded power source for the compact LED flashlights - Can be charged by t ... more info

LP-E5 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Replacement Battery Pack for Canon EOS Rebel XSi Digital Camera ... more info

Specialized for NEEWER TT850 FLASH SPEEDLITE. Faster, Longer and More Portable. Features: Faster Recycle time at full power only need 1.5s, faster than the same kind flash. Longer With only one such batter, flash 650 times at full power with ... more info

- Brand New Compact Battery Pack- High quality, low cost battery pack reduces the recycling time between flashes to a third of the original time as well as increasing the number of flashes three fold. The pack has a tripod screw so that it can be screwed ... more info

The CBP-C1 Compact Battery Pack for Canon Flashes from Bolt will boost the number of flashes and the recycle time of your compatible Canon flash. The CBP-C1 can operate on 4 or 8 AA batteries--alkaline, lithium or nickel-hydride (Ni-MH). Lights on the pac ... more info

High quality plastic battery holders for repair and hobby applications. Color is black. One per package. ... more info

Godox Propac PB960 high performance external power pack provides two ports to independently output to two flashes at the same time. Powerful battery improves the working duration, greatly increases flash times and reduces recycling time. It is a necessary ... more info

This item only takes one second to charge Canon flashes (such as Canon 580EX II, 580EX, 430EZ, 540EZ, 550EX and other flash model with same type of input power port) at the maximum power, and 250-320 times of flashes in full brightness is supported, which ... more info

Kit includes:♦ 1) Sanyo eneloop (4) AA 2000mAh Pre-Charged NiMH Rechargeable Batteries & Charger♦ 2) Sanyo eneloop (4) AA 2000mAh Pre-Charged NiMH Rechargeable Batteries♦ 3) Precision Design AA / AAA Battery Case - Holds 4 AA or AAA♦ 4) Additional Precis ... more info

Turbo 3 works with most shoe and handle-mounted professional-caliber flashes, and all Quantum Q-flash T-series, including Trio/Pilot portable flashes. Secure the new locking flash cables for Nikon, Canon and Qflash Trio with the locking sockets of the Tur ... more info

The CBP-N2 Compact Battery Pack for Nikon SB-900 & SB-910 Flash from Bolt will boost the number of flashes and the recycle time of your Nikon SB-900 or SB-910 flash units. The CBP-N2 can operate on 4 or 8 AA batteries--alkaline, lithium or nickel-hydride ... more info

Specifications: AD360 Portable Flash Light: Model: AD360 Max. Power: 360W/S Guide No. (m ISO 100): 85 (m ISO 100, with standard reflector) Approx.28mm flash coverage operating on a camera with standard reflector Vertical Rotatio Angle: -15° - 90° Horizon ... more info

TASER C2 Lithium Power Magazine - delivers 50 firings ... more info

Canon CP-E4 Compact Battery Pack: Batteries in your Speedlite 580EX II, MT-24EX and MR-14EX flash units will usually provide more than enough power for most uses but sometimes you want to take lots of pictures with flash, the flash needs to recycle really ... more info

The smartest remote control is no good if the battery keeps running out. Keep the entertainment flowing with a dependable battery from High Quality Cells Rechargeable and eco-friendly Affordably priced ... more info

ID Secured Battery for LUMIX® DMC-ZS3 and DMC-ZS1 Digital Cameras ... more info

Long coiled locking cable for Quantum QB1+ (Plus) and QB1c (Compact) Batteries. Connection is made through battery compartment in flash. Supplies 6 volts from Quantum battery for select flashes such as Nikon flash. ... more info

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