Top 20 Best Selling Bats Backyard Birding & Wildlife (2021)

Give the bats in your backyard a place to roost by placing the Audubon Cedar Bat Shelter. With a single chamber large enough for 20 bats, this bat shelter is perfect for your small backyard colony. The interior surface and landing platform are made of rou ... more info

House a few bats in this small version of the BATchelor Pad. Comes complete with echo-location slot and screening against the back. Same design as our Bat House Kit. * Dimensions:(16h x 8w x 3-3/4d) ... more info

No trees? No problem! The Ultimate Deck System is great for hanging bird feeders, wind chimes, planters and more! This kit includes five hanging stations to give you a variety of options. The adjustable deck clamp fits any size flat deck rail. It's eas ... more info

Would you like to listen to bats on your evening walk or nature hike? Then the Batseeker 1 is the gadget for you! Perfect for budding scientists, nature enthusiasts, conservationists, and educators. The Batseeker 1 lets you hear ultrasonic bat calls duri ... more info

Single Chamber OBC Bat House Kit will help keep mosquitoes away in an environmentally friendly way. Product Specifications: Ventilation slot for air circulation. Holds up to 100 bats! Measures: 14 x 4 x 24 Control mosquitoes the natural way with this ba ... more info

This beautiful hand-made bat house is made by JCs Wildlife of all cedar wood. It features all screwed construction using weather-resistant plated deck screws. This bat box has Nylon mesh so the bats inside can maneuver easily. Features an extended landing ... more info

A blue glazed ceramic koi water fountain that is powered by a separate solar panel, providing the relaxing sound of running water for patios, decks, balcony鈥檚 and gardens. ... more info

Place our Bat Houses near your home to attract hungry pest-eating bats. Bats consume mosquitoes, grasshoppers, moths, flies, crickets, gnats and even fruit flies. A single brown bat can eat up to 600 mosquitoes in one hour! Our bat house is 3x6.5x10.5 and ... more info

The Sonbird Essentials Bat House kit is a 4-step project that can be done by people young and old. Makes for a great project for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H, or a family project. ... more info

Stovall's Single Cell Bat House features sturdy, cedar construction and has a single bat with outstretched wings on the front. Pole or wall (recommended) mount. Ships unassembled; makes a great project for children. Stovall Single cell bat house, can hous ... more info

The Wingscapes WildlifeCam captures photos and videos of the wildlife in your backyard. ... more info

Heath Outdoor Products 30108 13.5-Foot Aluminum Purple Martin Gourd Pole, 8-Piece Double Spiral Design ... more info

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