Top 20 Best Selling Basket Making Craft Supplies (2021)

Natural Raffia Fans. Approx. 10. Sizes may vary. ... more info

Basketry Sea Grass #3. 4mmx 5mm in a 1 pound coil. Use this SeaGrass to weave baskets or chair backs and seats. It is a light green natural fiber. ... more info

Reeds: 3.25mm round. Reeds ready to be weaved into any basket you desire. Great bend-ability with low risk of breakage. Bundle contains approximately one pound. ... more info

Create beautiful fun-flowers in every season with wool,yarn, ribbon or raffia in different shapes and sizes. The hana-ami flower loom is the perfect embellishing tool for all ages. The flowers can be joined together to make beautiful wearable art, home de ... more info

JOSEPH M. STERN COMPANY-Natural Raffia. Raffia can be used as a filler in gift boxes and baskets. Raffia can also be used in floral arrangements as ribbon. Large amounts of raffia can be used in holiday items like Halloween witches and scarecrow or Christ ... more info

This #8 reed spline used for caning chairs that have a 3/16 groove. When purchasing multiple feet, will try to keep all in one piece. Cane is also available in our online web store. ... more info

This oval poly-lined basket will hold between 6 and 8 items. Perfect for a gift basket or to use as a centerpiece filled with fruit. Dimensions: 10 x 7 1/2 x 4 ... more info

Jute is a type of plant fiber used to make common items such as rope; twine; rugs and chair coverings. Ideal for craft projects. This package contains 6-pound/648-feet of 5 ply natural jute. Imported. ... more info

This long rectangle basket will hold 5 items. Perfect for a gift basket or to use as a centerpiece filled with fruit. Dimensions: 14.5 inches(L)x 4 inches (W) x 3 inches(H) ... more info

High Quality leather case cover fit for Apple iphone 4S 4 4G. Superior quality, light weight, fashionable, high strength and fingerprints resist. Precise openings allow direct access to all features of the device without removing the case Well preventing ... more info

Good replacement for the broken wheels of your shopping cart, made of durable rubber and alloy material, it is your ideal choice. ... more info

Do you want to know how to make a simple item seem much more interesting? Just add a little raffia to it. As one of the most durable materials for crafts and home decor, raffia can perk up any plain or old item in a snap! You can use raffia for wrapping ( ... more info

Bamboo is an extra strong wood that will last a lifetime of heavy use. This bamboo spatula has a square edge and is 12 inches in length. Made in Taiwan. ... more info

6 Pack of Biodegrable, Floral or Craft rings. Ready To Decorate (R). Provides plenty of surface to glue or paint or attach/wrap anything you want. Each Ring is about 9 outer diameter, 1 3/8 wide, little less than 1/4 thickness. Picture may show 5 holes, ... more info

Cane webbing is pre-woven by machine from strandes of chair cane. It is used for re-seating cane chairs that have a groove around the se at opening rather than drilled holes. The cane webbing is held in plac e with the proper size spline. ... more info

Loop handles improve control and reduce hand fatigue. Super-sharp Micro-Tip blades offer precision and control. Comfortable Softgrip handles reduce stress and are non-slip for safety. Includes blade cover to protect the user and the blades when closed. Fo ... more info

A beautiful way to say Thanks, this box is designed to brighten anyone's day. Made of heavy cardboard, the Thanks In Bloom gift box will hold between 8 and 12 items. Dimensions: 10.25 inches x 6 inches x 7.5 inches ... more info

This rectangular bamboo box, with lid, will hold 6 to 12 items. Perfect for a gift basket or to use as a decorative storage piece. Dimensions: 11.5 inches(L)x 9 inches(W) x 5.5 inches(H) ... more info

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