Top 20 Best Selling Basic Tools Craft Room (2021)

with our embossing powders, embossing stamp pad, embossing pen, or pigment inks for stamps. Ergonomic design for comfortable, accurate operation. Built-in stand. ... more info

This versatile tool lets you punch holes of various sizes wherever you need them. Use it for paper, cardboard, foam, fabric, wood, thin metals, leather, and multiple layers of materials. An oversized, soft-grip handle makes punching easy. ... more info

Operating Instructions; Set switch to desired temperature; plug into electrical outlet. Insert 5⁄16-inch diameter glue stick into the inlet tube. Allow gun to heat for 5 minutes. Squeeze trigger to dispense glue. By pulling trigger back more glue is dispe ... more info

Utility Bone Folder. This multifunctional bone folder does much more than just fold. It also trims, embosses, and pierces beautiful designs into your paper crafts. There are even tweezers stored in the back for working with small embellishments. ... more info

Use low-temperature glue sticks with Martha Stewart Crafts Glue Gun on wood, metal, magnets, plastic, and other sturdier items. ... more info

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