Top 20 Best Selling Barrel & Hand Pumps Garage & Shop (2021)

This battery-operated liquid transfer pump can pump 5-6 quarts of liquid a minute, making it an ideal choice when standard power is unavailable. Can pump gas, water, oil and other non-corrosive liquids. Can be used in garage, basements, bathrooms, shop, y ... more info

The ABN multi-use hand held pump can be used a a gas pump, liquid pump, or siphon. This pump no longer requires you to run of the risk swallowing dangerous gases to siphon a tank. The lightweight system allows for rapid liquid or gas transfer in only a fe ... more info

This siphon pump easily transfers liquids and air with minimal effort. No longer will you have to swallow half a gulp of gasoline! Two 50 dipstick hoses attach to the pump at the center. This gives you over 8'-4 of distance between your siphon liquid and ... more info

The Mityvac Silverline vacuum pump kit is designed to test vacuum related systems in the engine including the ignition system, carburetors, automatic transmissions, computer systems, fuel system, air conditioning units, cruise control units, and emissions ... more info

The Liquid Transfer Pump is manually operated and is portable and light weight. Has a button top to release siphon vacuum. You can pump 5 gallons of liquid per minute. Hand pump to initiate the siphon to start transferring liquid from one receptacle to an ... more info

Fluid Transfer Pump Fits Standard Quart-Size Oil Containers. Custom Accessories, the leader in Automotive Aftermarket Accessories, is aOne-Stop-Shop for ALL your Automotive needs. From Interior Accessories, Exterior Accessories, Car Care, Steering Wheel ... more info

The gallon fluid pump is constructed out of durable plastic and is designed to fit standard gallon containers. It is convenient and versatile for filling hard to reach places like fluid reservoirs, differentials, transmissions and gear cases. The discharg ... more info

The Liquid Transfer Pump is battery operated & uses only 2 D batteries (not included). This pump is high powered and is portable and light weight. You can pump 7 quarts of liquid per minute. Just switch on to start transferring liquid from one receptacle ... more info

The cast iron rotary pump is ideal for commercial, automotive, farm and industrial applications. This pump is designed for fast transfer of non-corrosive, petroleum based fluids of light to medium viscosity, such as heating oil, motor oil, transmission fl ... more info

Safety experts caution against the unsafe practice of siphoning petroleum by mouth, warning specifically, that it can result in loss of life. Beckson's answer is the patented Siphon-Mate庐 pump; a combination displacement lift pump and siphon pump with val ... more info

This Fill-Rite FR112 hand pump assembly includes a telescoping suction pipe, an 8' delivery hose, and a hose-end spout. The cast aluminum pump housing has a 2 male National Pipe Taper (NPT) threaded mount, a 1 female NPT inlet for connection to the suctio ... more info

TRRP90P Plastic Rotary Pump. Plastic Rotary Polypropylene Drum Pump For Chemicals # RP-90P: Glass-filled polypropylene pump with Ryton Vanes and Viton seal, has exceptional chemical resistance. Suitable for water based solutions of acid, alkalis and salt, ... more info

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