Top 20 Best Selling Barrel Fuel Pumps Barrel & Hand Pumps (2021)

The gallon fluid pump is constructed out of durable plastic and is designed to fit standard gallon containers. It is convenient and versatile for filling hard to reach places like fluid reservoirs, differentials, transmissions and gear cases. The discharg ... more info

The cast iron rotary pump is ideal for commercial, automotive, farm and industrial applications. This pump is designed for fast transfer of non-corrosive, petroleum based fluids of light to medium viscosity, such as heating oil, motor oil, transmission fl ... more info

TRRP90P Plastic Rotary Pump. Plastic Rotary Polypropylene Drum Pump For Chemicals # RP-90P: Glass-filled polypropylene pump with Ryton Vanes and Viton seal, has exceptional chemical resistance. Suitable for water based solutions of acid, alkalis and salt, ... more info

The heavy-duty, lever-action barrel pump is designed for fast transfer of non-corrosive fluids, such as heating oil, lacquer thinner, anti-freeze, motor oil, transmission fluid, automotive additives, oils (light and heavy), soaps, solvents, etc. The uniqu ... more info

11219 Features: -Drum pump.-PTFE vanes and shaft seal.-Stainless steel spring.-3 Pcs Stainless steel pickup tube.-0.75 Hose barb on spout.-Aluminum handle.-Rubber water deflector.-Stainless steel bung adapter.-Stainless steel hardware.-Used for most alcoh ... more info

The plastic bucket pump with flex hose and non-drip nozzle is a plastic bucket pump with zinc-plated steel tube for transferring non-corrosive fluids of light to medium viscosity like, engine oil, gear oils, transmission fluid, automotive additives, machi ... more info

This Wel-Bilt Barrel Pump transfers oil and other non-corrosive fluids - including waste vegetable oil - at 12 GPM without hand cranking The 40in.L x 1 1/4in. O.D. 1 1/16in. I.D. suction tube fits drums with 1 1/2in. or 2in. openings and provides plenty o ... more info

New Heavy Duty Rotary Self Priming Barrel Pump. Products trademarked TERA PUMP (TM) are marketed and sold exclusively by SOJITEC(TM). The TERA PUMP name, images, and contents of this listing are protected by trademarks and copyrights. Copyright 漏 2008 TER ... more info

This lever barrel pump fits 5-55 gallon drums. It's ideal for fuel, water base and acidic solutions. 9 ounce per stroke and spout OD is 7/8 inch. Blue, general purpose. Individually boxed. ... more info

Designed for quick and easy emptying of 15, 30, and 55 gallon drums. Made of polyethylene and PVC. Can be used with mild acids, light oils, water based fluids and other materials which are Not corrosive to polyethylene and PVC. (Do Not use with lacquer th ... more info

Move liquids safely and easily with this convenient handheld pump Pumps gas, water, oil and other non-corrosive liquids Use in garage, aquariums, home and yard Pumps up to 6 quarts of liquid per minute Requires two D size batteries (not in ... more info

Opens Drums 3/4 slotted bung & 2 cross bar bung. Aluminum (Non-Sparking) ... more info

2 piece telescoping suction tube fits 30-55 gallon drums. Pump delivers a full ten ounces of fluid per stroke. Discharge spout thread fits all garden hose fittings. Complete with a standard bung adapter, tough all steel foot valve and piston valve. ... more info

The lever-action bucket pump uses smooth, easy pumping action and dispenses all types of lubricants, even in the coldest weather. It is ideal for transferring motor oil, transmission fluid, differential fluid, heavier oils and other automotive additives. ... more info

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