Top 20 Best Selling Bar Sets Bar Tools & Glasses (2019)

A Chilled Drink In An Ice-Less Bar Never drink unless it's chilled A Set of 9 Whiskey Stones Useful for Chilling Drinks Without Diluting Them With Melting Ice Cubes. Soapstone is naturally soft, therefore you do not have to worry about it scratching y ... more info

Sipping Stones is the aficionado's choice for chilling a drink. It eliminates a common problem for all connoisseurs of fine distilled spirits: it cools your drink perfectly without the dilution from melting ice. Now all your favorite drinks are able to ... more info

p {padding-bottom:6px;} p {padding-bottom:6px;} Getting all the right tools for your home bar can be a daunting challenge. Luckily, this bartender mixing set includes everything you need to start making drinks like a seasoned veteran of the booze wars! Sh ... more info

Set of 9 Whiskey Stones useful for Chilling Drinks without diluting them with melting Ice Cubes Soapstone is naturally soft, thus it should not scratch high quality glasses Rinse and dry these stones, then put in freezer for a few hours and throw in drink ... more info

Whiskey Stones Possibly Coolest Product Ever How many times have you gone out and ordered a drink at a bar and after sipping for a short while, the ice has melted and now your drink is watered down. Good whiskey is meant to be sipped at about 50 degrees. ... more info

With innovative designs and contemporary finishes, Oggi’s kitchen, bar and bath wares are truly tomorrow’s house wares today. Oggi’s 10-Piece Stainless Steel Bar Set with Rectangular Stand is no exception. Black stand and cutting board. Stainless steel to ... more info

Impress your guests by serving chilled whisky and spirits that are full flavored, not watered down with melting ice. This handsome set also makes a great gift. Serve Whisky at the Perfect Temperature You've heard the saying that whisky should be ser ... more info

Excellante 1.00 & 2.00-ounce stainless steel jigger. These jiggers provide excellent measurements with accuracy and ease. With the innovative dual-sided design, there will be no need to get a 2nd measuring utensil. The stainless steel material guarrantees ... more info

The Perfect Black And Tan beer layering tool allows the one beer to be poured gently over another. If you can pour a beer, you can create a perfect black and tan layered drink. It's as easy as it looks! ... more info

The DUBLIN BAR SET by Godinger is a unique crystal drink-ware set that captures age-old aristocracy in its contemporary design. Crafted of heavy weight 24% crystal, this set is handcrafted and modeled after Irish designs. The set would do justice to any s ... more info

The Sonic Foamer uses a finely calibrated, ultrasonic vibration which invisibly passes through the water and into the beer. This vibration activates the gases to create consistent sized bubbles for the perfect foam head. ... more info

The Bartenders Tote is the perfect solution for the on the go bartender or bar school student. All of the essentials in a convenient nylon carry case. Included you'll find: A 28oz weighted shaker 2 prong strainer 16oz weighted shaker .75o ... more info

Whether serving a traditional shot recipe or a custom-made concoction, these shot glasses create a modern presentation. Store in the freezer before use in order to serve the chilliest shot possible. Sold in a set of 4. ... more info

This handsome set is an essential addition to any personal bar. Guests will look on in admiration as you prepare their drinks with expert care. Includes cocktail shaker, strainer, bottle opener, corkscrew, double jigger, ice tongs, and stainless steel rac ... more info

THE SECRET TO CHILLING YOUR DRINK, WITHOUT DILUTING IT Best Whiskey Stones on the Market Utilizing new age Eco-friendly technology and high grade stainless steel, Great White Ice is able to provide a superior quality whiskey stone, unlike any other type ... more info

Excellante julep strainer. The julep strainer is perfect for those bartenders that excel in cocktail making. The julep strainer drains out the finer ingredients that you don't want in your cocktails, such as leftover herbs that you want strained out of yo ... more info

Easily mix, pour and store juices. Mix juices and poor them into your favorite cocktails. Some juice left over? No problem, you can just pop the lid on the juice container and refrigerate it until your next cocktail party. Can also be used to mix and pour ... more info

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