Top 20 Best Selling Ballasts Electrical (2022)

Fluorescent replacement lamp. Uses 75% less energy than the standard incandescent bulb it replaces. Fits MaxLite 55W Torchieres. Has a instant on and flicker free operation. ... more info

ROBERTSON 000791 RSS240T12MVIP, Individually Packaged, Energy Efficient Electronic Rapid Start Ballast, High Power Factor, Normal Ballast Factor, Parallel Lamp Operation. This High Frequency Ballast operates (2) F40T12, F40T12/ES, F30T12 lamps and is a ... more info

If you have a Lights of America 30 watt fixture for whichThe ballast has failed,This conversion kit will allow you to replaceThe ballast/lamp unit without having to replaceThe entire fixture. To install, turn offThe power toThe fixture (turn offThe switch ... more info

Quantum Series Lighting is now the paradigm of lighting technology. Quantum Horticulture analyzed the mistakes and failures made by others in their quest for digital lighting, and utilized that knowledge to bring us the best in high intensity illumination ... more info

The Fulham Workhorse 2 WH2-120-L electronic fluorescent ballast operates (2) lamps at 120 input volts. Ideal for use in normal light areas, this ballast is typically used in offices, board rooms, and retail. ... more info

ROBERTSON 3P20132 Fluorescent eBallast for 2 F40T12 Linear Lamps, Preheat- Rapid Start, 120Vac, 50-60Hz, Normal Ballast Factor, NPF, Model RSW234T12120 /A (Crosses to 3P20010 Model RSW240T12120 /B) ... more info

Advance Centium ICN-4P32-SC Electronic Fluorescent Ballast ... more info

Electronic Ballast for CFL Primary Lamp Type: CFQ26W/G24q Primary No. of Lamps: 2 Input Voltage: 120 Starting Method: Rapid Power Factor: Normal Keystone Ballast KTEB-226-1-TP 2 x 26W CFL | 120V | NPF | Rapid Start ... more info

Electronic Ballast for CFL Primary Lamp Type: CFQ26W/G24q Primary No. of Lamps: 1 Input Voltage: 120 Starting Method: Rapid Keystone Ballast Part No. KTEB-126-1-TP 1 x 26W 120V Electronic Ballast Product Dimensions Length: 2.90. Width: 1.81. Height: ... more info

ROBERTSON 2P20003 ISU232T8120 /B, Quik-Pak of 10 Individually Packaged Units, Linear Electronic Ballast, Instant Start, Normal Power Factor, Parallel Operation, Application: (2/1) F32T8 F28T8/40 F25T8 F21T8/30 F17T8 F15T8 F14T8/20 or 1 F40T8 (Max.) Case T ... more info

2 Lamp - 120/277 volt - F24T5HO - Program Start - White Can - Electronic | Universal Linear Fluorescent Ballast ... more info

3 Lamp 120-277 volt Universal Voltage Electronic Sylvania Ballast for 32 watt T8 Fluorescent Sylvania Light Bulb ... more info

ROBERTSON 3P30031 LD016C070LRAP Individually Packaged, 6-17 Watt, Constant Current LED Driver, High Power Factor. Application: LED, (Max.) Case Temperature: 194F/90C, (Min.) Start Temperature: -4F/-20C, Line Voltage 120-240Vac, Enclosure Type: Encased, Ad ... more info

Keystone Technologies 2 Lamp F32T8 Electronic Ballast. Input Volts: 120V. Number of Lamps: 2. Power Factor: Normal. Starting Method: Rapid Start. Residential Use Only ... more info

1-4 Lamp 120 volt Instant Start WorkHorse 7 Electronic Linear Fluorescent Fulham Ballast ... more info

Mount length: (M) 6.0-Inch . GE's ballasts are among the highest energy-efficient ballasts available. Ballast factor: Normal, lamp wiring: Series. Starting method: Rapid start. Ballast type: Electronic. ... more info

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