Top 20 Best Selling Ballast Resistors Ignition Parts Replacement Parts (2021)

This ballast is a direct replacement for many Nissans and Infiniti models that use HID from the factory with bulb sizes D2S and D2R. They are designed to replace the OEM ballast. Price is for one ballast. Warranty: 1 Year Nissan -2007-12 Altima -2008-10 ... more info

Ballast resistor delivers 200-watt rating and uses threaded terminals for better wire retention. Available for most standard point type and electronic ignitions. Variable resistance values imporve cold weather starting and is rated at 0.75- 1.5 ohms. ... more info

JEGS ballast resistor is designed to be used on low resistance ignitions such as breaker point and some optical trigger breakerless systems. Ceramic construction prevents overheating of the system for durability while maintaining consistent coil current a ... more info

Used to convert the Stopper brake light into a dual function running/brake light ... more info

This is for 1 replacement Digital ballast with 1 year warranty. Product is of the highest quality and designed to work with all aftermarket HID conversion kits with the AMP connector, the standard HID connector.Product is shown on the right ABOVE Product ... more info

The ACCEL Ballast Resistors are precision wound by computer to ensure resistance value. Their premium quality ceramic resistor bodies provide maximum durability and superior heat transfer. The special resistance wire maintains stable coil current to preve ... more info

DescriptionBrighter light output with lower power consumption Xenon lights are closer to natural daylight in colour and light your way more effectively A brighter light means better visibility especially in bad weather and at night Xenon lamps have the un ... more info

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