Top 20 Best Selling Bagel Slicers Specialty Appliances (2019)

Hoan Bagel Biter White. Accommodates various sizes of bagels, muffins, buns, and rolls ... more info

It's fast, easy, and safe! Based on the guillotine, this unique product is a sharp triangular shaped blade which pierces the bagel from above and effortlessly slices the bagel cleanly in half. ... more info

This Special Edition Larien Bagel Biter Bagel Guillotine lets you slice your bagels safely and easily, with one hand! This safe, easy to clean and store bagel slicer takes all the risk of injury out of your Saturday morning bagel ritual.One swift motion s ... more info

Firm Grip, bagel cutter utensil is patented, with ergonomic soft grip handle. The non-slip grip provides comfort and safety. Individually carded for merchandising and dishwasher safe. ... more info

Use these clips easily for closing your bread, bagels, rolls, frozen foods, popcorn, corn chips, pretzels, candy bags and more. No more using clothes pins for your food, just twist the bag and attach the clip, it is neat and easy to use. ... more info

high quality blades THE SECRET TO PREPARING, EYE-PLEASING AWESOME MEALS FOR YOUR HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. Are you looking for just the right gadget to help you create healthy, beautifully prepared meals to fit into your healthy lifestyle? This easy to use sli ... more info

Commercial Bagel Biter Plus- w/ Xylan Plus Non Stick Coated Blade From the makers of the Bagel Biter Guillotine, Larien Products introduces the Commercial Bagel Biter Plus. At last the perect, safe, EASY TO USE, bagel slicing tool for wherever customers ... more info

Cut bagels and more thesafe and easy wayProduct InformationThe Ronco Bagel Cutter features a bagel holder with a cutting slot tomake it easy and safer to slice bagels.  The holder'sremovable crumb catch tray makes cleanup simple.  The includedknife is tri ... more info

Slice Your Bagel Safely With Ease! The BAGEL GUILLOTINE® is the Fast, Safe and Easy way to slice bagels. Cuts sustained while cutting bagels are one of the major reasons for Emergency Room visits. The BAGEL GUILLOTINE has a cradle that holds the bagel whi ... more info

For some of us, barely a day goes by without a bagel for breakfast. It's inevitable that when slicing so many bagels, injuries will be sustained. But what shall the bagel-eating populace do? Not spread cool cream cheese on the warm soft middle? Not use ba ... more info

The Commercial Bagel Biter is NSF certified for health and safely. The Bagel Biter is safe and easy to use. Using the Bagel Biter prevents slicing injuries. The product is BPA free and top rack dishwasher safe. ... more info

Cut Your Bagel, not yourself with this safe and durable dual purpose blade. flip the knife for easy spreading. ... more info

One-handed bagel slicer makes slicing bagels as easy and quick as possible. Features a convenient crumb tray that allows easy cleaning. Hand operated level quickly slices bagels in one pass. Safety lid protects hands during operation to prevent cuts and s ... more info

Urban Trend'sTM patented Bagel Cutter is easy to use, easy to clean and safer than the alternatives. The razor sharp serrated blade is safely tucked inside the ergonomic housing so it is safe to use. There are no moving parts or assemblies so it is easy t ... more info

Bagel Slicer by Heuck has a stainless steel knife blade in a study plastic handle, easily slices a bagel in half, dishwasher safe, made in China, Free Shipping included in the USA. ... more info

Hospitals might testify that the most common emergency room injuries are sustained while trying to slice bagels. The EdgeCraft BagelPro just may be the answer to these safety concerns. Slice bagels, dinner rolls, kaiser rolls, croissants, English muffins, ... more info

Safety is always a priority when you cut your bagel. 11.5 ... more info

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