Top 20 Best Selling Backcountry Equipment Beacons & Transceivers (2020)

Beacon, shovel, probe. Your dawn-patrol mantra. The holy trinity. However you think of it, Ortovox is looking out, helping to make your life easier and safer by offering all three backcountry essentials together in the 3+ Avalanche Rescue Package because, ... more info

223300 Features: It won't burden your pack thanks to the lightweight design but the durable, carbon probe goes a long way in increasing your peace of mind Make readings fast and accurate as the stiff probe employs exact markings of depth Push through snow ... more info

The Pieps Freeride Avalanche Beacon is one of the most compact single-antenna transceivers on the market today. An easy-to-read LCD screen displays distance and dynamic field-flux strength to aid your search, and an accompanying acoustic signal allows you ... more info

Before you wax, get the gunk off your bases with Swix Citrus Solvent Base Cleaner. Chances are the last time you skied was in the spring, when the snow down at the base lodge wasn't exactly pure white. Well, all that sludge gets stuck to your boards, and ... more info

DECENT FEATURES of the Backcountry Access Tracker DTS Avalanche Beacon Rapid processor and simple user interface Real-time, digital display shows direction and distance Bright red LEDs (light emitting diodes) Proven durability Uses three AAA alkaline batt ... more info

Just like skis or snowboards, it can be expensive to own a quiver of backpacks. Arva set out to solve this problem with the X-Over Vario Zip-On ABS Backpack. Either of the bags can be zipped onto an ABS airbag base unit (sold separately), so you get the a ... more info

There's white gold in them thar hills, but don't let the rush for treasure cloud your judgment. When you're mining for pow, always bring your best decision-making skills, avalanche tools, trusty friends, and an avalanche airbag like the ABS Powder 5 Airba ... more info

Oh no, it's raining, toss me the Ultimate Survival Technologies Survival Poncho! Oh no, it's windy and I forgot a jacket, toss me the Survival Poncho! Oh no, I'm cold and lost, toss me the Survival Poncho! Oh no, the sun's burning me, toss me the Survival ... more info

Ortovoxs newest addition to their industry leading avalanche transceivers Utilizes the latest in transceiver technology The 3+ beacon is a 3 antenna device which, for the first time, can add to your own safety The intelligent position recognition analyzes ... more info

Another step in the evolution of avalanche transceivers, the Arva Link Avalanche Transceiver provides tracking efficiency with a 3-antenna design and W-Link technology. Equipped with a strong, constant signal that transmits consistently to 50 meters, this ... more info


Tracker DTS is the easiest and best-selling beacon on the market because of its rapid processor and simple user interface. A real-time, digital display shows both direction and distance with bright red LEDs (light emitting diodes). The distance is shown i ... more info

Nobody has time for a complicated beacon when riding in avalanche-prone terrain. Keep things simple to get them safe and use the ARVA all-digital Evolution 3+ Avalanche Beacon for quick recovery. When you clip on this lightweight, compact device it never ... more info

Whether it's to outfit your new BCA Float (cylinder not included) or to have a spare on hand, get your new cylinder now. ... more info

FEATURES of the Ortovox S1 Avalanche Transceiver Precise self-test, partner / group test Permanent transmitter monitoring in transmission mode Parallel search in case of several victims Deep burial special mode Sensor-controlled, automatic screen illumina ... more info

It's tough to beat the odds--if you spend a significant amount of time in avalanche terrain, the chances are pretty good you'll be involved in a slide, whether as a victim or a rescuer. There's a whole lot you can do to minimize your chances of being caug ... more info

212069 Features: Pack it away easily in the carry bag with printed instructions and emergency plan; at just over 7 ounces, little weight is added to your load Strength for when you need it, the 7-piece aluminum probe utilizes a dyneema cord that doesn't s ... more info

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