Top 20 Best Selling Baby Weather Hoods Accessories (2020)

The rayshade UV protective stroller cover provides important protection from the sun's harmful rays. The rayshade extends the stroller canopy from head to toe as needed by the sun's angle. ... more info

The Jeep Single Stroller Weather Shield is designed to protect your child from rain, snow, wind, and cold weather. Easy clear view shield provides for great visibility, and wipes clean easily. The Regular Weather Shield has air holes on both sides to pro ... more info

The Britax infant car seat sun and bug cover is a breathable fabric that attaches to an infant car seat and provides protection from harmful UV rays and insects. The infant car seat cover blocks 98% of UV rays and is UPF 50+ fabric. The cover is custom de ... more info

Provide protection for your baby from potentially harmful insects and damaging UV rays with this stylish pink and white polka dot cover. The cover has a pullover flap that shields your baby from the sun's harmful rays and other unfavorable conditions whil ... more info

Help protect your children from the sun, wind and flying insects. The BOB Sun Shield's specially designed mesh screen reduces the sun's harmful ultraviolet UVA/UVB rays. Compatible with all BOB Revolution and Stroller Strides Single strollers. ... more info

Made from durable, window clear, water repellent vinyl, it has ventilation holes to provide fresh air flow and fits over most single car seats. ... more info

The Buggygear Sunchaser - Don't worry, we've got your baby covered!Most stroller sunshades fall short and don't cover your baby from every angle. Even strollers with the largest sunshades often leave precious and sensitive parts of your baby exposed. And ... more info

The Baby Jogger Rain Canopy is custom designed to fit each model of Baby Jogger stroller. This accessory completely encloses the front and sides of the Baby Jogger stroller while providing ventilation. This stroller accessory also prevents fogging for opt ... more info

The Cozy Sun & Bug Cover is a great item to use when transporting your baby outdoors. The breathable mesh allows for ample airflow to baby and keeps out potentially harmful insects. The pull down flap provided baby 98% UV protection from the suns rays. Gr ... more info

Helps keep your child warm and dry on rainy and windy outings. The Weather Shield's water resistant design helps to protect your child from rain and wind while still allowing a view of the world. ... more info

Protect your baby from the elements with this rugged weather shield from Jeep. It features air holes on both sides for ventilation and a convenient essentials pocket. Storage bag also included. Fits most strollers with a canopy. Wipes clean. Made in China ... more info

Maclaren's Sunshade provides the most protection for your child from the harmful effects of the sun's heat, glare, UVA/UVB rays, creating the perfect haven for relaxation and comfort. (3 positions) The sunshade is designed with a UPF plus 50 water resista ... more info

Protect your little one from the elements while still letting them enjoy the outdoors with this rain shield for the Quinny buzz stroller. This rain shield offers complete coverage for weather protection with a roomy design and a zip down front cover for a ... more info

This Jeep Travel System Weather Shield accommodates most travel system stroller makes and models. It helps to protect the child form rain, snow, wind and cold weather. It comes with convenient essentials pocket. It also has a storage bag included. It is d ... more info

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