Top 20 Best Selling Baby Humidity Meters Humidifier Parts & Accessories (2021)

Displays relative humidity and tempature ... more info

Product Description NEW! LCD Digital Temperature Humidity Meter Hygrometer Clock Specification: Temperature range: -50~ + 70 oC ( -58 ~ +158 o F ) Humidity range: 20%~99%RH Temperature: 0.1 oC ( 0.1o F) Humidity: 1%RH Temperature :¡À 1 oC ( 1.8 o F ) Humi ... more info

Mini size and LCD display Compact and portable Thermometer Hygrometer Specially design for simultaneous measurement of mini hygrometer Package Content: 1x Hygrometer ... more info

Kaz is a state of the art, dynamically-managed, global leader in healthcare devices and home comfort products that operates in over 65 countries on six continents with a brand portfolio that includes Vicks, Honeywell, Braun, and more. ... more info

Check comfort conditions in the house at a glance with this combination thermometer and humidity gauge from Chaney. Designed for indoor use, the unit features a large, easy-to-read display with numerical readouts as well as a simple house-shaped icon that ... more info

Humidity display resolution of 1% Temperature measurement accuracy of 5% Selectable temperature unit: °C or °F Recording MAX/MIN temperature and humidity value automatically Specification: Power Supply: 1.5V Battery Type: AAA Battery ... more info

The Autopilot Digital Environmental Controller (DEC) precisely controls temperature and humidity within your grow area. The DEC coordinates the use of supplemental CO2 injection within the temperature function. The DEC has four outlets and a 15' remote co ... more info

These hose washers with screen are made from rubber. They are ideal for use in washing machine hoses to help repair or prevent leaks. The screen is in place to catch debris. ... more info

LCD display light up 3 seconds after power up. Measure and Log Temperature and Humidity Data. Instant data download with PC/laptop USB interface to Set-up and data download. Easy re-configurable using included software. Selectable logging intervals from 1 ... more info

100% Brand New Approx. Dimension : 48mm(1.89inch) ¡Á 29mm(1.15inch) ¡Á 21mm(0.83inch). Display & LED Color : 0.28 LED Digital Tube, Red (Volmeter) + Blue (Ampmeter). Resolution: ¡À1%+1 digit. Power Supply: DC 0V - 30V. Measuring Range: DC 0V - 30V. ... more info

HTC-1 LCD Temperature & Humidity Meter Digital Screen with Clock Calendar Alarm ... more info

Product performance: Outdoor Data Outdoor transmission distance: max. 100 meters Outdoor temperature range: -40 ¡æ - 65 ¡æ Precision of temperature: 1 ¡æ Time interval of reception of the sensor: 48 seconds Level of waterproof: IPX3 Indoor data Indoor tem ... more info

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