Top 20 Best Selling Baby Aromatherapy Bathing & Skin Care (2022)

Comfort when your baby has a coldWhen her button nose becomes a stuffy nose, there's Johnson's Soothing Vapor Baby Bath. It's enriched with rosemary, eucalyptus, and mentholingredients known for their aromatherapy benefits. In a warm bath, this gentle cle ... more info

The Aroma Diffuser and Sound Therapy Clock provides a gentle, more soothing way to wind down after your day. Combining sight, sound, and fragrance, the Aroma Diffuser and Sound Therapy Clock allows your evening to continue without harsh beeps, blaring mus ... more info

Calming comfort bath contains lavender and vanillanatural Ingredients with calming and relaxing properties. Combined with natural oatmeal, known for its skinsoothing benefits, this rich lathering cleanser helps retain moisture and gently soothes baby's de ... more info

Badger - Mind Balms - Cheerful Mind Bam 1oz ... more info

A gently, mildly scented cologne that gives a fresh after-bath feeling. ... more info

One 125 ml bottle of Johnson's Baby Cologne from the Philippines. ... more info

Enjoy the clean, mild and long lasting fragrance of Royal Violets Eau de Cologne. So clean and fresh, it has been used as baby cologne for more than 75 years. So long lasting and sophisticated it'll be your favorite fragrance long after you're all grown u ... more info

Help find your center with this ancient blend of aromatherapeutic botanical ingredients. The USDA Certified Organic formula promotes a peaceful mind and aids in finding your balance. Breathe in the calming fusion of cedarwood, sandalwood, mandarin, litsea ... more info

Distilled From The Leaves Of The Tree, Eucalyptus Oil Has A Fresh, Penetrating Scent And Is A Common Ingredient In Salves And Cold-Care Products. ... more info

Inhaler Pocket Size by Olbas 1 Inhaler Inhaler Pocket Size Original Swiss Essential Oil Formula Makes Nasal Passages Feel Cleaner Lessens Effects of Low Humidity Penetrating Vapors With Rapid Action Helps You Endure Seasonal Discomfort ... more info

Badger - Mind Balms - Focus Balm (formerly Clear Mind Balm) 1oz ... more info

Oregon Scientific WS909 Natural Wooden Aroma Diffuser, is the perfect way to relax and unwind. Made from natural wood, it combines the aesthetics of nature with a soft glowing light. To accompany its soothing visual effects, it also offers an array of p ... more info

Manage anxieties with self hypnosis and this aromatherapy scent inhaler. Formerly sold under the name of Stress Less, Stress Ease consists of the same blend of relaxing essential oils. Manage anxieties with a positive thought and a balancing blend of esse ... more info

Mambino Organics Summer In Tuscany Organic Soy Candle Mambino Organics Summer In Tuscany Organic Soy Candle has an inviting scent of fresh fruits, wild flowers and a warm Tuscan summer breeze. It is long lasting and burns clean. Made with a blend of pom ... more info

, which lets you enjoy its delicate fragrance for hours. 5 oz. ... more info

Essential Oil Cinnamon Leaf by Aura Cacia 0.5 oz EssOil Essential Oil Cinnamon Leaf 0.5 oz EssOil Product The fresh spicy aroma of cinnamon leaf is more reminiscent of cloves than cinnamon. Energizing focusing and revitalizing cinnamon leaf enhances activ ... more info

Bonding is essential. It makes you want to shower your baby with love and affection and gets you up in the middle of the night to feed your little one. This gift set includes all the skin care essentials to help you bond with baby from day one and beyond. ... more info

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