Top 20 Best Selling Audio Sequencers Electronic Music (2021)

The new MC-307 is the Groovebox aimed at DJs. Like the other MC's, it is a robust pattern-based sequencer/sound module with 800 patches, 40 rhythm sets and 33 effects. However there's a new Turntable Emulation mode which affects the pattern tempo and pitc ... more info

Roland MC-505 MC505 Groovebox Sequencer/Sampler/MIDI Controller/Drum Machine ... more info

If you're a guitarist, singer, or other instrumentalist who wants an easy way to create great-sounding accompaniment for practice or performance, the QY100 is for you! If you're an artist who needs a versatile song-writing tool for sequencing and music ... more info

Big Sound in A Small Package The Yamaha QY70 Music Sequencer brings big sound and performance together in one small package that fits in the palm of your hand. Far from being just a simple combination MIDI tone generator/sequencer, the QY70 is an extreme ... more info

The MC-50 is dedicated sequencer similar to the popular MC-500 series. It featured 40,000 note capacity, up to 8 songs, 8 phrase tracks, a 3.5 DS/DD disk drive, separate rhythm track and temp tracks, 32 channel MIDI and FSK sync. Sequences could be record ... more info

Drum Rhythm Machine / Synthesizer Section Keyboard Pad: 16-keys Maximum Polyphony: 28 voices Parts: 16 parts (main: 8 + rps: 8) Tones: 448 tones Rhythm Sets: 12 sets Effects: Reverb/Delay, Chorus/Flanger Sequencer Section Tracks: 8 tracks Songs: 10 songs ... more info

The Sequencer module is a compact, simple 8 step analog sequencer. It uses an external clock to cycle through 4, 6, or 8 steps. The output of the sequencer can be used control the pitch of an oscillator, modulate a filter, or manipulate any module with a ... more info

The ELECTRIBE•SX represents a new generation of Electribes – powerful dance music products that cover everything from laying down stunning tracks to creating exhilarating live performances. Both come housed in a sleek, rugged metal chassis. The new backli ... more info

etting professionally-scored musical compositions down fast before the inspiration evaporates is a constant challenge. Thankfully, ideas can be captured more and more effortlessly as Yamaha continues to expand its popular line of QY series compositional t ... more info

Supco Q101 Hvac Series Sequencer 15Sh1 Style 309571 On 1-20 / Off 40-110 ... more info

The Electribe series of dance tools defined a new standard, combining unique sound generation, pattern based programming, and intuitive knob-based interfaces. Thousands of forward-thinking musicians, DJs and producers continue to use them to create exciti ... more info

MC-50mkII: MicroComposer Features The MC-50mkII is a powerful dedicated sequencer. Its advanced features and great live performance capabilities give you professional quality production. Super MRC software/Super MRP performance in ROM 40,000-note inter ... more info

Supco Q105 - SEQUENCER; 15SH21 STYLE 309575 ... more info

With years of live performance experience under his belt, musician, songwriter, producer and Live expert Morgan Pottruff explains in a step by step, easy to follow style, how to get the most out of Live. 40 videos and over 3 hours of instruction on Ableto ... more info

Roland's D2 Groovebox is a compact, performance-oriented Groovebox (sequencer/sound module)--sort of a smaller MC-505--designed entirely around Roland's D-Field Controller technology. This touch-sensitive pad makes it easy to program and modify patterns, ... more info

MC-303: Groovebox Features The Roland MC-303 Groovebox® is a self-contained, retro-styled sequencer and integrated sound module with some very high-tech features. Techno, jungle, hip-hop, acid and other dance styles can now be approached easily and creati ... more info

From the company that made groovebox a household name comes a remarkable addition to the famous Roland groovebox family: the MC-808. Optimized for realtime performance, the sleek, silver powerstation features eight motorized faders on its surface - a groo ... more info

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