Top 20 Best Selling Audio Plug-Ins Software (2021)

iRig HD features superior digital audio quality, and offers a premium 24-bit A/D converter for a crystal clear digital signal thats free from noise and crosstalk. Plus, its ultra-low-draw power-consumption circuitry eliminates the need for batteries -its ... more info

Haven't you always wanted to work your favorite iOS guitar effects apps into your live rig? Here's the gadget you've been waiting for! IK Multimedia's iRig Stomp gives you both the I/O you need to use your iOS device into your pedalboard, plus stompbox-st ... more info

Just so you know... You need an iLok to use this. ... more info

Wrap N Strap ties are adjustable rubber straps designed to neatly secure and store guitar, microphone, speaker, and computer cables, as well as extension and hardware cords for a variety of applications. They stay attached to your cords, so there's no ris ... more info

Using our patented Spectral Shaping Tool technology, we've created precise digital models of a wide variety of historical classic and exotic microphones. Simply tell Mic Mod EFX what microphone you are actually using and what microphone you'd like it to s ... more info

Just so you know... This item requires an iLok. ... more info

Use Peterson's StroboSoft 2.0 Deluxe Suite to adjust more than just your tuning. It'll save you time and money by helping you to intonate your instruments at home using StroboSoft's Visual Intonation Guide. It employs a 2-step visual indicator system to h ... more info

BBE Sound, creators of the Sonic Maximizer and a leading manufacturer of professional and musical audio electronics, introduce the Sonic Sweet. The Sonic Sweet consists of three professional and easy to use Dynamics, Enhancement and Audio Enhancement plug ... more info

high quality and testing is fine Item 100% like the picture shown New generic 1 / 4 Audio to 1 / 8 Audio M / F Adapter, Gold-Plated Connect your headphones that have a 1/8-inch audio jack, to a larger 1/4-inch jack to make it more versatile Transforms you ... more info

The FL Extension box from Image Line brings more than 75 additional plugins and product upgrades from the successful FL Studio library into retail stores! Buy an FL Extension box, choose and download your FL Extension product on-line. How It Works: The FL ... more info

Celemony Melodyne Editor 2.0 brings more amazing technology to the table. Sure, you've been able to save a less-than-perfect vocal take with pitch-correction software for awhile now, but check this out: Now, you can actually work inside chords and pull an ... more info

Hailed at its introduction as a holy grail of recording, by the music press (and adopted worldwide as the largest-selling audio plug-in of all time), Auto-Tune 7 corrects intonation and timing problems in vocals or solo instruments, without distortion or ... more info

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