Top 20 Best Selling Assembly Bolts Clutches & Parts Replacement Parts (2021)

Pressure Plate Bolt and Dowel KitFits Ford 11 clutch ... more info

2008-2011 128i 2008-2011 135i 2000 323Ci 1999 323i Sedan 2000 323i 2001-2006 325Ci ) 2001-2006 325i 2001-2006 325xi 2000 328Ci 1999 328i Sedan 2000 328i 2007-2011 328i 2009-2011 328i xDrive 2007-2008 328xi 2001-2006 330Ci 2001-2006 330i 2001-2006 330xi 20 ... more info

E34-Sdn-525i-(91-95)E34-Sdn-530i-(94-95)E36-Convt-328i-(94-99)E36-Convt-M3 3.2-(98-99)E36-Cpe-328i-(94-99)E36-Cpe-M3 3.2-(96-99)E36-Cpe-M3-(94-96)E36-Sdn-328i-(95-98)E36-Sdn-M3 3.2-(96-98)E39-Sdn-528i-(97-00)E39-Sdn-530i-(01-03)E39-Wagon-525i-(01-03)E39-W ... more info

3 Series-E30-Convertible-318i-(1991 to 1992)3 Series-E30-Coupe-318i-(1984/12 to 1985)3 Series-E30-Coupe-318is-(1990 to 1991)3 Series-E30-Coupe-325e-(1984/12 to 1988)3 Series-E30-Coupe-M3-(1984/12 to 1991)3 Series-E30-Sedan-318i-(1984/12 to 1991)3 Series-E ... more info

E31-Cpe-850CSi-(94-95)E36-Compact-318ti-(09/96-99)E36-Convt-318i-(09/96-96)E36-Convt-318i-(09/96-99)E36-Convt-323i-(09/96-99)E36-Convt-328i-(09/96-99)E36-Convt-M3 3.2-(09/96-99)E36-Cpe-318is-(09/96-99)E36-Cpe-323i-(09/96-99)E36-Cpe-328i-(09/96-99)E36-Cpe- ... more info

This item is designed to be an exact replacement that meets or exceeds original specifications. Please ensure correct part fitment before purchasing this project. Contact the seller directly for additional product information and availability. ... more info

每400 Series single sprocket self contained automatic centrifugal clutches. Popularity of these four models allows greater production economics without sacrifice of quality....and we pass these savings on to you. The 400 Series clutches have more contact s ... more info

JEGS Ford Pressure Plate Bolt & Dowel Kit is designed for use with Ford Racing and aftermarket flywheels that utilize 10.5 diaphragm style clutches. Includes three dowels (that must be used with this style of clutch or chatter will occur) along with six G ... more info

Double Hook Clutch QuadrantFits 1982-2004, Ford Mustang V8s ... more info

All cam arms sold here are either original equiptment in the Comet drive clutches or a popular replacement for trail riding or racing Cam arms will not always be stamped with the name they are called because they are often made from another cam arm Note: ... more info

R55-Clubman-Cooper-(07-10)R55N-Clubman-Cooper-(11-13)R56-Cpe-Cooper-(07-10)R56N-Cpe-Cooper-(11-13)R57-Convt-Cooper-(09-10)R57N-Convt-Cooper-(11-13)R58-Cpe-Cooper-(11-13)R59-Roadster-Cooper-(11-13)R60-Countryman-Cooper-(10-13) ... more info

E36-Compact-318ti-(95-95)E36-Compact-318ti-(96-99)E36-Convt-318i-(94-96)E36-Convt-318i-(95-99)E36-Convt-323i-(97-99)E36-Convt-325i-(94-95)E36-Convt-328i-(94-99)E36-Convt-M3 3.2-(98-99)E36-Cpe-318is-(92-95)E36-Cpe-318is-(95-99)E36-Cpe-323i-(97-99)E36-Cpe-3 ... more info

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