Top 20 Best Selling Assemblies Rocker Arms & Parts Performance Parts (2021)

Mr. Gasket Rocker Arm Oil Deflector Clip keeps hot engine oil off exhaust systems by deflecting it down into rocker arm assembly. This allows valve adjustments while engine is running. This deflector clip is designed to fit hollow feed-through type pushro ... more info

The Edelbrock Rocker Shaft Stud Kit provides better rocker shaft retention and is highly recommended for use with the Edelbrock FE heads. These studs help to eliminate thread wear and the possibility of bottoming the rocker shaft bolts on the head. Comp ... more info

Mr. Gasket Gold Rocker Arm Nuts are designed to lock the rocker arms for precise valvetrain work. Rocker arm nut includes thread locking fasteners and an Allen key. The rocker stud thread diameter is 3/8-24''. The minimum width of the rocker slot is 0.603 ... more info

Mr. Gasket Screw-In Rocker Arm Stud is made from Grade 8 alloy steel. Ideal for use with high-performance camshafts in cars used primarily on the street. This stud is concentric to keep rockers, rods and stems aligned. No jam nut required. Set of 16. ... more info

Mr. Gasket Rocker Arm Stud Pinning Kits are designed to prevent studs from becoming loose. They are made from high quality material that ensures long lasting durability. These kits facilitate hassle free installation. ... more info

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