Top 20 Best Selling Artillery Kits Model Kits Toys (2020)

Detailed 1/72 Scale Aircraft in Action Series assembly model kit by Hasegawa. Set includes 1/72 scale replica of the Ford tractor, F-4 370Gal drop tank dolly & hydraaulic lift trailer, general purpose dolly, MHU-12M ammo trailer, MJ-1 lift truck, and four ... more info

Leonardo da Vinci's idea was to build a very powerful machine, which could throw eight large projectiles at the same time. He positioned eight long arms in a circle around a central pin, each of which had a sling capable of throwing a projectile attached ... more info

Smart Kit Features: Completely new M16 fighting compartment with radio set SCR-528; Two options of radio set in fine detail; 12.7mm MG magazines are accurately reproduced; Pedestal can rotate; Front armor plate with accurate shape; New 12.7mm MG with holl ... more info

Revell 1/144 USA/USSR Missile Set Have a nice day : ) At the height of the Cold War, both the United States and the USSR possessed over 30,000 nuclear weapons. Among these weapons were thousands of missiles capable of being fired to targets half way aroun ... more info

Designed and made in the USA for better quality, better performance! The new TK3 model trebuchet can demonstrate all the principles of the trebuchet as either a hanging counterweight machine, or quickly convert it to a wheeled fixed counterweight machin ... more info

Detailed 1/48 Scale Aircraft in Action Series assembly model kit by Hasegawa. This set is perfect for building dioramas with 1/48 scale U.S. jet aircrafts. Set includes the following: AGM-12B Bullpup (x4), AGM-12C (x2), AGM-62 Walleye (x2), GBU-8 (x4), GB ... more info

This is a SkunkModels 1/48 Scale assembly and painting required plastic model kit of modern U.S. Air Force weapons transport trolley. Model kit features: 2 full kits each capable of being built in multiple configurations with 4 rack patterns, plus 3 crew ... more info

This is a plastic model accessory from Skywave Models. (SKYE1) ... more info

In May 1953, the Upshot-Knothole tests proved that the M65 Atomic Cannon could fire a 16 kiloton yield nuclear weapon seven miles (11.3 km). It used the same warhead that Oppenheimer had helped create. The United States constructed twenty of these weapons ... more info

Fiercely Fend Off Office Rivals -- Conveniently sized to sit on your desk, this intimidating little machine is an actual working reproduction of an onager. -- The weapon is all wood and twine with no metal parts, but it packs a big punch. Load it up with ... more info

1/72 Scale. This kit features: - Contains 1 Howitzer - 2 figures and base ... more info

Detailed 1/48 scale assembly model kit of the Fiseler Fi103 (commonly known as the V 1 or vengeance weapon 1 Vergeltungswaffe 1), an unguided cruise missile developed and used by the German Luftwaffe in the Second World War. Arguably one of the most dread ... more info

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