Top 20 Best Selling Archaeology & Paleontology Science Toys (2021)

Dig up a plastic skeleton of a t-ren Waiting to be unearthed Assemble the bones Into a cool t-rex Detailed instructions ... more info

Just place the egg in water and in 12 to 24 hours the dinosaur will start to crack out of its shell. Remove the shell and put your hatchling into another container of water. Your baby dinosaur will grow into full grown adult. Now you have a virtual pet th ... more info

Includes 3 Authentic Dinosaur Fossils Hidden in the plaster matrix is a plastic T-rex skeleton for kids to assemble. But wait! There's more! The competitor's products typically contain only replica fossils, but with THE ULTIMATE DINO DIG kids will disco ... more info

Learning is downright prehistoric (and super-fun) when budding paleontologists explore The Young Scientist Club The Magic School Bus Back in Time with the Dinosaurs. With this all-in-one-kit, they'll create a dinosaur timelines, design a diorama, build a ... more info

8 years & up. Get digging with our dinosaur 3 pack! This 3 pack features a T-Rex, Triceratops and Stegasaurus for you to excavate and build. Kit includes Kidz Quiz, instructions and excavator's tools. ... more info

Amethyst is a violet or purple variety of quartz often used in making jewelry. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed amethyst would help prevent drunkenness, and it symbolized having philosophical, intellectual and spiritual understanding. Whether you be ... more info

Includes 1 collectors box with approximately 5 sharks teeth ... more info

Uncle Milton - T-Rex In My Room. T-Rex In My Room lights up and projects a giant T. Rex skull shadow on your wall! Requires 2 LR44 button cell batteries (included). Suitable for ages 5 years old and up. Materials: Plastic, LEDs, Metal Components. Dimensio ... more info

All kids want to get there hands dirty. This a fun and educational way to do it. ... more info

The POOF-Slinky 012000 Slinky Science Anatomic T-Rex Dinosaur Model Kit provides hours of educational fun while your child learns about the anatomy of this prehistoric creature. Has your child ever wondered about dinosaurs and their bones organs and skin? ... more info

Thames and Kosmos Classic Science Archaeology: Pyramid ... more info

The skeleton of an extinct T-Rex has been discovered. Now it's up to you to carefully remove each bone from the dig site as you learn fascinating facts about dinosaurs. But watch out. Don't touch the sides of the pit or the T-Rex will roar and you'll lose ... more info

5513442 Features: -PVC-free packaging. Includes: -Includes detailed instructions. ... more info

Imagine bringing a dinosaur back to life! Now you can; with the 36-inch EDU-TOY Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton. Unravel the mysteries of this majestic creature as you assemble the bones of this massive creature that roamed the Earth 65 million years ago. With ... more info

Your little paleontologist will be delighted when his 4.5 inch dinosaur hatches into some mysterious dinosaur in 48 72 hours. These are must haves for Easter egg hunts! ... more info

It is a dinosaur egg! Our 2 1/2 dinosaur egg will hatch a growing pet. Just put it in water and watch it grow. Each dinosaur egg comes in its own colorful gift box and is sold by the piece. Please order in increments of 1 piece. ... more info

Mystic Egyptian Tomb Dig & Play Excavation Archaeological Set. Dig and find out the treasures buried in the mysterious Egyptian tomb. Play a Pyramid Adventure game afterwards with your friends and family. Contains plaster block with mummy case, treasures, ... more info

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