Top 20 Best Selling Animal Care & Pets Cats Magazines (2019)

Your complete guide to help you better understand, care for and enjoy your cat. Celebrating the human-feline bond, the magazine provides responsible cat owners with the information they need to help their cats live long, healthy lives. Share the learnin ... more info

Mischievous, fascinating, quiet and cuddly, cats are our companions. Keep up with the latest information on healthcare, feeding, breeding, adoption and products for these furry friends. Share stories and photos and find great gift ideas for you, a fellow ... more info

Your Cat magazine is published for caring cat owners, covering health and behavior issues, general care advice, breed information, and other practical concerns. There are also lots of entertaining articles, true life tales, photographs of readers' cats, l ... more info

Contains a comprehensive Breeders Directory and thriving classified section featuring thousands of pedigree kittens for sale. Produced for cat lovers, for cat lovers. Contains regular features such as breed profiles, and cat interest stories. ... more info

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