Top 20 Best Selling Anemometers & Flowmeters Meters (2022)

Wireless Pulse Transmitter. The Inovonics pulse counting transmitter is used to count the number of pulses generated from a pulse-output device, such as a utility meter. ... more info

3/4 MTW Polymer Multijet Cold Water Meter with Couplings. Gallons register with pulse output. For use in submetering applications where compact size and pulse output are desired. The MTW MJ20/MJ420 multi-jet water meter uses a polymer body design to allow ... more info

Flowmeter measuring the oil or water, easy to read for its clear scale.Straight tube style connect the liquid tube by two end thread.Stainless steel material inner and glasses tube design.Read float at largest diameter, you will kow the flow of water. ... more info

Dwyer庐 Series WM2 Multi-Jet Water Meter is ideal for commercial and industrial applications. The multi-jet design allows for simplicity and accuracy with wide flow ranges, even in low flow applications. The magnetically driven, hermetically sealed registe ... more info

Flow Rate Indicator, Rotor, 5 GPM Max, Max Pressure @70F 100, @180F 40 PSI, Max Temp 180 F, Inlet/Outlet NPT 1/4 F In, Flow Range 0.1-5.0 GPM of Liquid, Polypropylene Case Material, Polypropylene Fitting, Buna N O-Ring, Height 2 1/4 In, Length 1 3/4 In, W ... more info

Kanomax Anemomaster rotating vane anemometer. HVAC ventilation and balancing. Laboratory control. IAQ investigation. Industrial hygiene quality control. +/-1.0 percent of reading high accuracy. 40 FPM of air velocity sensitivity. Store up to 10 duct sizes ... more info

The American Educational 7-1000 cup anemometer features three black cups and one red cup for counting revolutions per minute to observe wind speed in educational weather-monitoring experiments. It's made of corrosion-resistant materials to withstand outdo ... more info

Dwyer庐 Series WMT2 Multi-Jet Water Meter is ideal for commercial and industrial applications. The multi-jet design allows simplicity and accuracy with wide flow ranges even in low flow applications. The meter is designed for long service life and relative ... more info

Water flow sensor is mainly consists of plastic valve body, rotor assembly and Hall Current Sensor.It is installed in the hot water inlet end for detecting water flow. When water through the flow rotor assembly, Magnetic rotor will rotate and Speed will c ... more info

113520-1 GPI Meter battery Kit for Digital Meters 902004-02 Includes two N style batteries for most GPI digital flow meters that accept replacement batteries. ... more info

Acrylic body, stainless steel float and leader, plastic thread ends, inline mounting type.3/4 female thread, 0.2-2.0 GPM range, 1-7 LPM range.Widely used for residential and industrial applications. ... more info

F-300 series flow meters utilize a pitot tube pick up and a hard edged float design to provide a convenient and economic means of measuring water flow in a closed pipe system. The F-300 impact tube flow meter features a tough, one-piece machined acrylic m ... more info

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