Top 20 Best Selling Anatomical Models Science Education (2021)

Starter Skeleton Need a starter skeleton? We're in love with this little plastic guy because he's so nicely articulated, right down to (up to?) his spring-loaded jaw. Moveable arms and legs. The calvarium opens for a look inside. And he's a stand-up guy ... more info

This high quality classic skull is medically detailed in structure. It is the perfect tool for professional teaching and study of human anatomy. It can be disassembled into 3-part: Calvaria, Base of Skull, and Mandible. The calvaria is removable to show t ... more info

This economical, life-size adult plastic skull is ideal for students studying for tests. ... more info

The 3B Scientific A20 is a three-part adult human skull model that dissembles into skull cap, skull base, and mandible for easy display of cranial features. The A20 has an original human skull cast to provide accurate representation of fissures, foramina ... more info

The 3B Scientific A61 human female pelvic skeleton is used for anatomical study of the female pelvic bones, and has a movable symphysis for effective demonstration. The model consists of a hip bone, a sacrum with coccyx, two lumbar vertebrae, and a symphy ... more info

Human Skull Replica - Life Size: Factory 2nd Reproduction & Replica. LOW COST ECONOMY - SECOND TIER-LOWER-to-FAIR-to-GOOD QUALITY: Mis-Aligned, Mis-shapen and/or Missing Teeth, and/or bone / Teeth Discolorations and/or deformaties; LOWER QUALITY FACTORY 2 ... more info

Petite Pete Skeleton, a tiny facsimile of a human skeleton, Pete's arms and legs are affixed with screws that allow for realistic movement. ... more info

This skull is cast in durable hard plastic with a realistic weight and color. The calvarium is sectioned and can be removed to show internal details. The mandible is hinged and spring loaded. ... more info

The Uterus/Ovary- LFA #3480: Life size cross section model illustrates multiple pathologies, some of which include: adhesions, carcinoma in four common areas, cysts, endometriosis, fibroids, pedunculated fibroid tumor, polyps, and salpingitis. Model size: ... more info

This replica of the human single rib is great for hands on study of anatomy. The details of the human bones can be studied easily with the quality model. ... more info

The 3B Scientific A881 life-size human male hip joint model is used for anatomical study of the femur and hip bone musculature. The model dissembles into seven parts for effective demonstration, and has removable muscles for detailed examination. The A881 ... more info

The 3B Scientific A882 life-size human knee joint model is used for anatomical study of the knee musculature. The model dissembles into 12 parts for effective demonstration, with removable muscles for replicating abduction, adduction, inner rotation, and ... more info

The 3B Scientific A80 life-size human shoulder joint model is used for anatomical study of joint movement, and is flexible for demonstrating abduction, anteversion, retroversion, and internal/external rotation motions. The model consists of a shoulder bla ... more info

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