Top 20 Best Selling Amplifiers Signal Components (2022)

Paladin Tools 9672 in-line amplifier. This small but powerful accessory to our line can amplify signal lost due to long cable runs. Connector type RG6, RG6Q, RG59 CATV F. ... more info

The LM3886 is a high-performance audio power amplifier capable of delivering 68W of continuous average power to a 4 load and 38W into 8 with 0.1% THD+N from 20Hz-20kHz. ... more info

Another great product from RM Italy, this is transistor based mobile amplifier. Red color, This model has the preamp. ... more info

Specification: Main function: Wi-Fi signal amplifier Color: silver Supported protocols: 802.11B/G/N Wi-Fi signal Operating Frequency: 2400-2500MHz Operating mode: bi-directional, half-duplex Transmit gain: 13-16dB Input trigger power: 0-20dBm Output Powe ... more info

LINEAR TECHNOLOGY LT1632CN8#PBF IC, OP-AMP, 45MHZ, 45V/ us, DIP-8 ... more info

1 Pc LM358P LM358N LM358 DIP-8 Chip IC Dual Operational Amplifier Feature: Internal frequency compensation Low input bias current Low input offset voltage and offset current Common mode input voltage range- including the grounding Differential mode input ... more info

Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps Single 2.7V ... more info

Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps Dual High Gain ... more info

MICROCHIP MCP6004-I/P IC, OP-AMP, 1MHZ, 0.6V/ us, DIP-14 ... more info

Features: 5 Vdc operation Common Ground - Can monitor own voltage 0.56 figure height Automatic Polarity Indication Zero reading for 0 Volt input Automatic Polarity Indication High input impedance (>100M Ohm) Specifications: Maximum Input: 199.9mV DC (.199 ... more info

The NE5534 high-performance operational amplifier combining excellent dc and ac characteristics. Some of the features include very low noise, high output drive capability, high unity-gain and maximum-output-swing bandwidths, low distortion, and high slew ... more info

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