Top 20 Best Selling Amplifier Wiring Kits Amplifier Installation (2021)

The MF1U MicroFlasher is an infrered (IR) emitter designed to send infrared signals from a Niles IR System to an attached audio or video (A/V) compnent. These types of IR repeating systems are what allow you to store your A/V components in a remote closet ... more info

Surge 8 gauge amp kit with 18 rca and agu fuse holder 18 8 ga. Clear blue power cable 3 8 ga. Clear black ground cable 18 12 ga. Clear platinum blue speakerwire 17 blue rca audio interconnect cable 18 18 ga. Blue remote turn-on wire 1 agu fuse holder 250 ... more info

In-line fuse holder 17-ft. 4-gauge power cable 3-ft. 4-gauge silver ground cable 18-ft. 8-gauge blue power cable 6-ft. 8-gauge silver ground cable 20-ft. 12-gauge speaker wire 16-ft. blue remote wire 17-ft. twisted pair RCA interconnect audio cable 1 x 4- ... more info

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