Top 20 Best Selling Alcohol Tests Drug Tests (2020)

In only two minutes, milkscreen analyzes breast milk for alcohol. Follow these simple steps to complete a test: 1. Saturate the test pad with breast milk. 2. Shake or tap excess breast milk off of the test pad. 3. Wait two (2) minutes. 4. Interpret the te ... more info

In just two minutes, milkscreen quickly and accurately analyzes breast milk for alcohol. Every mother is unique so, naturally, the way our bodies metabolize alcohol is unique, too. Metabolizing alcohol depends on several factors including body weight, typ ... more info

Quantity: 1 Blood Typing Test Kit   This fast, easy to use blood typing kit contains everything required to determine blood group and RH factor using a whole blood sample obtained from a finger prick without the need for separate reagents or laboratory t ... more info

UpSpring Baby Milkscreen Home TestMilkscreen home test for alcohol in breast milk. Fast accurate results in 2 minutes.Why You'll Love It: UpSpring Baby Milkscreen Home Test is specially formulated to deliver results in about 2 minutes.FeaturesPediatrician ... more info

WHAT AM I PURCHASING? A highly designed saliva drug testing kit that screens for alcohol, otherwise known as Beer - Tequila - Whiskey - Scotch - Vodka etc., at a concentration level up to 0.02%. The dip card is immersed in a sample of saliva, which then y ... more info

Specifically designed for the following Apple models : iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S iPad mini Alcohol breath tester. Tests your blood alcohol content (BAC) quickly and accurately. Simply blow into the sensor and an estimate of BAC will be displayed in s ... more info

The AlcoMate Premium Sensor Module is used with the AlcoMate Premium Breathalyzer as a component in the PRISM system of replaceable sensor modules. ... more info

Our Alcohol Saliva Test is a rapid, highly sensitive method to detect the presence of alcohol in saliva and provide an approximation of relative blood alcohol concentration. Since it is well established that the concentration of alcohol in saliva is very ... more info

The AlcoHawk Precision is a popular breath alcohol tester in the AlcoHawk series line. It features a robust design made of impact resistant abs material. The unit screens for the presence of alcohol quickly and is an ideal solution for portable tester wit ... more info

The Alco Screen02 is a simple saliva test. The person being tested puts the test in their mouth for a minute. The test result is then read promptly. A positive result indicates that the individual has recently drunk beverage alcohol. This is a US DOT cert ... more info

Urine is the most practical specimen for alcohol testing in the workplace, specifically when the purpose of testing is to demonstrate that alcohol consumption has occurred. Peak urine alcohol levels are reached 45 to 60 minutes after alcohol ingestion. At ... more info

Alco-Screen 02 has been tested and approved by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) for required testing of all transportation and safety employees for blood alcohol concentrations above the federally mandated ZERO TOLERANCE LEVEL of 0.02% ... more info

The BreathScan is disposable and designed for easy one-time use: simply blow into the tube and wait two minutes. Alcohol concentration is visually indicated by a change in the color of the enclosed crystals. ... more info

Product Description: Engineered specifically to quickly determine the alcohol content of wine, beer, juices, whisky, vodka and a variety of other liquors. RHW-80ATC works with distilled liquids such as wheat beer and red wine, but supplies the best resul ... more info

One Step Alcohol Saliva Test Strip is based on the high specificity of alcohol oxidase (ALOx)f or ethyl alcohol in the presence of peroxidase and enzymes ubstrate such as Tetramethylbenzidin (TeMB). ... more info

Digital LED Alcohol Breath Tester Breathalyzer Analyzer Features: *Design for quick BAC test *Count-down & count-up time keep you alert the deadline of your parking *A simple method to analysis Blood Alcohol Concentration at anytime and anywhere *Super b ... more info

This 12-Panel Saliva-Drug Test Kit analyzes 12 specific drugs *Methamphetamine (mAMP) *Cocaine (COC) *Opiates (OPI) *Marijuana (THC) *Oxycontin (OXY) *Benzodiazepines (BZO) *Phencyclidine (PCP) *Amphetamine (AMP) * Buprenorphine (BUR) * Barbituates (BAR) ... more info

Alcohawk Slim Mouthpiece is specifically designed for the Q3I1 Alcohawk ABI and Q3I11 Alcohawk PRO digital breath alcohol detectors. ... more info

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