Top 20 Best Selling Alcohol Monitors (2021) Reviews

These top rated alcohol monitors helps you to get instant and accurate Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) readings. Popular alcohol monitors brands are AlcoHawk, AlcoMate, BACTRACK, Wingman Breathalyzers etc.

Alcohol monitors help observe alcohol consumption of individuals. It’s widely used for keeping track of your own/partner’s alcohol consumption level to avoid being caught for drink driving.

The AlcoHAWK Slim, a newly-released digital breath alcohol screener, is a compact unit with a sleek design. Operating on a single button, simply blow into the folding mouthpiece for an accurate BAC reading in seconds.The AlcoHAWK Slim includes removable ... more info

The BACtrack Select S80 is a professional breathalyzer that quickly estimates blood alcohol content (BAC). The S80 is the perfect choice for law enforcement, hospitals, clinics, businesses, and for personal use anytime fuel cell accuracy is required.The a ... more info

The new 2009 BACtrack Select S70 is one of the most affordable professional-grade breathalyzers available. It can be used in a wide variety of settings including law enforcement screening, hospital/clinical test applications, and for personal use. The S ... more info

These are small plastic mouthpieces that fit the BACTRACK Select Series digital breathalyzers. They are easily removable and washable. ... more info

The new 2010 BACtrack S75 Pro is a stunning combination of accuracy, affordability, and style. The S75 Pro has been designed to reduce unnecessary size and weight, while maintaining all the accuracy benefits of a full-sized fuel-cell-based breathalyzer. A ... more info

!NB! The Real Wingman Sport Breathalyzer Don't buy cheap knock offs Check for the Wingman Logo Better to be safe than sorry after you've had a few drinks! Keep this portable Digital Alcohol Tester in your purse or car so you'll always know how close ... more info

Analyzing Method: Breath Test Sensor: C oxide alcohol sensor Screen: Dual LCD Display Alcohol Tester LCD/ Clock LCD Alcohol Reading: Digital Range: 0.00~0.19 BAC & 0.0~1.9g/l 2 Alert Modes: Caution: Display Caution symbol and yellow LED flash - .02% ~ .05 ... more info

Innovative and discreet, this FDA approved personal breathalyzer key chain keeps you easily informed of your blood alcohol level so you and your friends stay safe and responsible...even after that terrific birthday bash! Small enough to fit in your pocket ... more info

BreathKey is the smallest and lightest breathalyzer in the world, but it is big on features and quality. Unlike other bulky breathalyzers, it easily fits on a keychain so you can take it with you wherever you go. And it is the only consumer breathalyzer a ... more info

Designed in the USA, the BACTRACK is one of the newest and most innovative breathalyzers available. It combines a sleek, user-friendly design with advanced BluFire Alcohol Sensing Technology. This provides accurate and reliable test results at an affordab ... more info

These are small plastic mouthpieces that fit the BACTRACK Select Series digital breathalyzers. They are easily removable and washable. ... more info

Party Safely with this Fun, Easy to Use Breathalyzer Kit! BACtrack's S50 allows a quick and accurate measurement of your blood alcohol content. Providing a wide detection range of .00-.40%, the S50 is incredibly easy-to-read with its red LED display. Kit ... more info

The AlcoHAWK PT500 is the newest unit in the AlcoHAWK Series line of breath alcohol testers. It incorporates our PT Core fuel-cell sensor, which is not subject to interference from acetone and offers enhanced linear accuracy over traditional semi-conducto ... more info

AL7000/AL6000/AL5000/Core/Plus mouthpieces are lightweight and made of durable plastic. The breathalyzers use a semiconductor-oxide sensor that requires a mouthpiece. ... more info

Designed for maximum accuracy - used by hospitals, schools, and law enforcement as an alcohol screening device. The AlcoHAWK Pro is one of the most accurate semiconductor-oxide breathalyzers available. This new model takes a deeper breath sample from subj ... more info

AlcoMate Prestige is a breathlyzer that DOES NOT require Recalibration. Operates with semiconductor-oxide sensor, one-way-flow mouthpieces, cumulative counter, deep-lung air sampling and more. Great for Consumers and Professionals. ... more info

Ever get behind the wheel of an automobile and wonder if you're legally intoxicated? Now you can聽determine your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) in seconds with聽this聽easy-to-use personal alcohol detector. Just blow into the mouth vent and within 10 seco ... more info

These are small plastic mouthpieces that fit all the BACTRACK digital breathalyzers. They are easily removable and washable. Includes 100 mouthpiece covers. ... more info

Alcohawk Precision/Elite/PT500 Mouthpiece is specifically designed for the Q3I1 Alcohawk ABI and Q3I11 Alcohawk PRO digital breath alcohol detectors. ... more info

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