Top 20 Best Selling Air Powered Framing Nailers (2021) Reviews

Powerful, effective & durable air powered framing nailers made by quality brands – Porter-Cable, Makita, Hitachi, Bostitch, Max, Freeman, Neiko, Paslode etc. Framing nailers are designed for fast high-powered work in fastening large pieces of material.

When large pieces of material need to be nailed together quickly, air powered framing nailers are the best tool to use. Framing nailers are the high-tech versions of hammers: they can blow a nail into the wood in a fraction of a second. Air powered framing nailers are especially good for quick, high-powered projects. For precision work, in remote places, smaller air guns are better.

Air powered framing nailers are extremely handy if you want to do things like repairing the roof building a dog house. With an air powered framing nailer, you can save hours in labor, and save your muscle some soreness.

Ideal for carpenters, woodworkers, and do-it-yourselfers, the Porter-Cable FR350A 3-1/2-Inch Round-Head Framing Nailer Kit has all the power you need to drive round-head framing nails into engineered lumber. Its compact body is well-balanced for a natural ... more info

NR83A2 The NR83A2 Full Round Head Framing Nailer with Depth Adjustment is used for floor and wall framing, truss build-up, window build-up, etc. construction of subflooring and roof decking, wall sheathing and mobile home and modular house construction. ... more info

Stanley Bostitch F21PL 21 degree Plastic Collated Framing NailerStanley-Bostitch manufactures top-quality, innovative fastening tools and fasteners for industrial, construction and home improvement applications. Products include pneumatic staplers and nai ... more info

NR90AEPR The new NR90AEPR framing nailer fi res plastic collated nails from 2 to 3 1/2 in length and features Hitachi s next generation Industrial Design . The NR90AEPR weighs only 7.5 pounds, making it easy to use all day, while still providing the p ... more info

This is a factory reconditioned power siding nailer. Reconditioned generally means that the power siding nailer has been returned to the manufacturer, who brings the power siding nailer back to like new condition. Some power siding nailers may contain cos ... more info

-Compact design less than 12 in height-Selective trigger system-Nose magnet-Open Nose for easy jam clearance-Dial adjustable depth control-Pointy teeth on contact arm-Maintenance free end cap filter (US Patent 5637125)-Comfortable rubber grip ... more info

PFR2190 Features: -21 3.5'' Framing nailer. -Material: Magnesium. -360 adjustable exhaust. -Anodized aluminum cylinder and magazine. -Durable plastic case. -Finger depth adjustment. -No-mar pad. -One piece drive blade. -Anti-dry-cycle mechanism. -7 Ye ... more info

Framing, siding, decking, attaching wood to masonry, you name it, this versatile and lightweight framing nailer from Bostitch does it all. This clipped-head nail gun is equipped with a patented pushbutton adjustable depth guide that sets the nail to desir ... more info

This is a factory reconditioned power framing nailer. Reconditioned generally means that the power framing nailer has been returned to the manufacturer, who brings the power framing nailer back to like new condition. Some power framing nailers may contain ... more info

Framing, siding, decking, installing metal connectors, attaching wood to masonry, driving big nails into hard engineered lumber--you name it--this versatile and lightweight framing nailer from Bostitch does it all. Two nailers in one, this framing gun inc ... more info

Neiko Tools 8-10 Gauge 2 - 3-1/2 Air Framing Nailer Kit, Large Piston For Increasing Power, Stong and Light Weight Die-Cast Body, Drivers Full-Head Nails from 2 to 3-1/2-Long, Includes: Goggles, Oil, Wrenches and Instruction, Max Capacity: 40 pcs, 72-120 ... more info

Includes High-Power Coil Framing Nailer - U/N89C ... more info

Silver Plated sturdy 22 gauge head pins ... more info

Makita AN923 Framing Nailer (21掳 round head) FEATURES: Fires standard 2 to 3-1/2 (31掳) clipped head stick nailsNail depth selector dial can be adjusted to nine different depths to match applicationLight weight (8.4 lbs.) and perfectly balanced for easy op ... more info

The Paslode F-350S PowerMaster Plus 30-Degree Framing Nailer is a reliable workhorse that no jobsite should be without. Offering an unmatched combination of power, comfort, and durability, this heavy-duty pneumatic nailer is the perfect tool for framers, ... more info

PASLODE CROWN STAPLER S200-S16 Standard Crown Pneumatic Stapler Drives Standard/Medium 16 Gauge Staples From 3/4 To 2 In Length Excellent For Floor Decking Roof Sheathing, Soft Wall Sheathing Vinyl Siding & Insulation 1 Year Warranty. ... more info

The Hitachi NV75AG Coil Siding/Framing Nailer is a flexible pneumatic tool that is compatible with both wire collated and plastic sheet collated nails. This nailer is designed to drive three-inch nails, which are the most commonly used nails for framing, ... more info

Includes Industrial Round Head Framing System - U/N88RH-2MCN, (2) Quick Change Tips ... more info

The Bostitch F28WW, Factory Reconditioned, Industrial Stick Framing Nailer serves two purposes- framing and metal connecting. With a driving torque of 1050 Inch Lbs, this tool fires a 28-degree wire collated full round head stick nail to a depth of 2 to ... more info

A popular model among builders who work on high-repetition projects like trusses and prefabricated frames, Bostitch's utility coil nailer offers huge capacity and solid reliability. When fully loaded, this nailer certainly isn't the lightest tool you coul ... more info

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