Top 20 Best Selling Accessories Multitools & Accessories (2022)

The Swiss+Tech ST60300 Multi-Tool 7-in-1 Key Ring Tool offers a range of handy tools on your key chain; including an LED flashlight, Phillips screwdriver, knife, awl, bottle opener, flat screwdriver and key ring. These tools snap into position for easy us ... more info

With its strong, bendable wire interior and sturdy rubber exterior, the Nite Ize Gear Tie is perfect for bundling, connecting, and organizing everything from workshop tools to children's toys. With a simple wrap-and-twist motion, it keeps appliance wires, ... more info

There are few things more dangerous in your tool shed than a dull chainsaw blade. On the best of days, a chainsaw is something that should be used very cautiously but a dull blade is both dangerous to both the user as well as the engine of the chainsaw it ... more info

Makita Cloth filter for the 18v BCL180W / ZW vacumn cleaner. The replacement filters allow improved performance withoccasional changing ... more info

Swiss Tech 8-in-1 mini multi-function tool has a needle nose pliers, wire cutter, straight edge, serrated knife, Phillips screwdriver, can opener, key chain and LED flashlight. It has a compact micro-design. A nylon belt holster is included. ... more info

Sheath was Originally Made for the Pre 2004 model Leatherman Wave tool this sheath works with all 4 and under tools such as the Pulse, Crunch, Blast, Fuse, Kick, PST, PST II. (The Wave Dimensions that fit in this sheath are 4 x 1 x 5/8) Will also work wit ... more info

Premium tangle free all rubber construction. 400 AMP heavy duty clamps. Fits securely on both top and side post batteries. Durable low temp-jacket. ... more info

Megapro 13 in 1 Ratcheting Driver features patent pending ZAD 8 zinc alloy SOLID-CORE ratchet that delivers over 225 lbs. of torque strength. The bit load consists of double ended bits, Phillips 0-3, Phillips 1-2, Flat(slotted) 4-6, Torx 10-15, Torx 20-25 ... more info

Gerber Legendary Blades 22-49445 Driver Bit Set 22-49445 Drill Bits ... more info

Roto Punch Complete Home Mending Solution Now you can punch extra holes, fix worn out snaps and eyelets in seconds. Roto Punch tool is the complete home mending solution that lets you quickly punch a hole in a belt, purse strap or watch band, add eyelets ... more info

Leatherman Knife Accessories Blast Crunch Leather Sheath 934835 ... more info

Exact fit precision formed.Made from high quality steel tool.High performance permanent magnets.Made from High Quality Tool Steel. ... more info

Next generation Swiss+Tech Micro-ProXL 9-in-1 Multi-Tool with Bright White LED Docking Flashlight. Lifetime guaranteed solid stainless steel multi tool includes pliers, TWO screwdrivers (#1 Flat & #1 Phillips), Wire Cutter, Wire Stripper and 1/4 Rule Mar ... more info

4 Pc. 1.5 Swivel Casters resistant to abrasion, impact and corrosion. smooth running with low rolling resistance ball bearing Swivel Set contains 4 1.5 Swivel casters. ... more info

The SC66 is the top Fieldpiece clamp meter among HVAC/R instructors. It's a manual ranging DMM that includes the electrical ranges students and technicians use for most HVAC/R work, plus temperature, capacitance and DC current - all for a low price. It al ... more info

Swat! Another one down. With this metal handled fly swatter, you get one swatter in an assorted color. With a striking area of 5 by 4, with these swatters you will be able to strike down your target. They are durable and lightweight, able to swiftly move ... more info

This 15 in 1 is a must for all commercial/industrial tradesmen i.e. electricians, locksmiths, telephone technicians, maintenance personnel, etc. The Tamperproof assortment includes the most popular security bits, including Spanners, Hex Pins and Torx Pins ... more info

IIT Counter Sinks sets are made of titanium, comes with 5 different assorted pieces. ... more info

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