Top 20 Best Selling Accessories Mopping Supplies (2021)

This refill for the O-Cedar Easy Wring Spin Mop & Bucket System uses deep-cleaning microfiber to remove and absorb tough dirt and grime. ... more info

This dual-sided refill can be used dry or damp to clean 2x the surface area. ... more info

The Rubbermaid universal headband blue blend mop has a blend of blue post-industrial cotton and synthetic fibers for higher absorbency and more launderings than cotton mops, and with looped ends to reduce fraying for better performance and launderability ... more info

The Rubbermaid FGQ41000 Hygen microfiber single-sided damp room mop is a blue nylon/polyester-blend split microfiber mop head for use with Rubbermaid FGQ56000 Hygen 18 Quick-Connect frame (sold separately) that withstands more than 500 launderings (200 w ... more info

This trademark (Pro 360 clean) mop heads only authorize amazon seller: Tripact Inc. We never authorize resale any other seller selling by ... more info

This eco-friendly microfiber pad for the O-Cedar庐 ProMist庐 is machine washable to provide you with a fresh clean start every time. ... more info

The Rubbermaid FGH11500 Invader side gate wet mop hardwood handle is a 54 (137.2 cm) long hardwood handle with a yellow plastic side gate style connection for use with wet mops with 1 headbands (sold separately). A mop headband can slide into the side g ... more info

The Rubbermaid FGH41600 stirrup style wet mop wood handle has a 60 (152.4 cm) long hardwood handle with a galvanized steel stirrup style connection for use with wet mops with 1 headbands (sold separately). The stirrup style connection includes a clamping ... more info

It is special design fit for PRO 360 Rotating Spin Magic Mop - Dual Dry Drying Pro Version or Regular Version (Pro 360 Clean). PRO 360 Rotating Spin Magic Mop - Dual Dry Drying Pro Version Replacement Handle and 2 Mop Heads (Pro 360 Clean - Only have h ... more info

Rubbermaid FGQ74900YL00 Standard Quick-Connect Steel Mop Handle, Yellow. Made of steel covered in yellow powder coating for corrosion resistance. Works with Rubbermaid Quick-Connect mop frames and dusters (sold separately). Measures is 52-inches long and ... more info

What is microfiber? Millions of microscopic fibers that grab and hold dirt, dust and moisture. Leaves no residue. Traps dust and dirt. Pad thoroughly cleans several large rooms without rinsing Wash or toss after use Microfiber grabs dirt; washes clean Mac ... more info

Rubbermaid Refill for PVA Sponge Mops (FGG78112). This polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) sponge mop head is highly absorbent and resists abrasion. Horizontal grooves to lift dirt off floor surfaces. For use with Rubbermaid G78004 PVA sponge mop (sold separately). ... more info

Highlights: Soft microfiber attracts and holds dust, dirt and hair Ideal for hardwood floors and other flooring surfaces Machine washable mop head Refill for Catalog ID: 40426702 ... more info

The Rubbermaid FGQ76000 Hygen Quick-Connect extension handle is made of aluminum with stainless steel fasteners for corrosion resistance and good strength-to-weight ratio, has an extendable handle length from 48 to 72 inches (121.9 to 182.9 cm), and work ... more info

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